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Discuss Tallinex.com

General discussions of a financial company
This forum has been a little quiet in recent months... but that's about to change!

For those who don't know us, Tallinex (tallinex.com) is a MetaTrader4 Forex broker located in St Vincent and offers some of the most competitive trading conditions available.

There are two main account types...

- 0.01 lots minimum trade size
- $100 / 100 Euros initial deposit
- Leverage up to 1:1000
- Competitive spreads

- 0.10 lots minimum trade size
- $2000 / 2000 Euros initial deposit
- Leverage up to 1:500
- Raw spreads starting at 0.0 pips

Both account types allow full hedging and there are no FIFO restrictions - this applies to all clients, everywhere.

We also offer access to a selection of unique, professionally managed account options for people who lack the time to trade themselves
- check the current list at Tallinex - Managed Accounts

NEWSFLASH: New 100% withdrawable deposit bonus launched Jan 1st 2015!
To welcome in the new year, Tallinex has launched a new deposit bonus scheme...

- Each deposit you make is recorded and can be earned back by trading sufficient volume
- Low volume requirement (currently just 0.5 lots per $1 / 1 Euro)
- NO time limit to achieve the required volume - trade at YOUR pace

...but the best part is that there's no way to lose what you've already achieved!

With many bonus schemes, if you need to withdraw your funds temporarily (or something unfortunate occurs i.e. you blow your account) then you lose your bonus entirely and all your past efforts were for nothing.

Not with Tallinex!! ... simply deposit more funds when you're able and continue from where you left off!

Please keep an eye on this forum for more updates - Tallinex has a lot planned for 2015!

Meanwhile, our helpful live-chat and support teams are happy to answer any questions you might have.
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Do you reduce available leverage in your client accounts over weekends?

If I have an account with 200:1 leverage, will it stay that way over the weekend?

You receive your financial regulation from St Vincent and the Grenadines. How does anyone know how honorable they are? You are not listed on the regulation website. St Vincent and the Grenadines is a secret finance country more secretive than Cayman islands according to site.
I really want Tallinex to be successful mostly as it seems to the only good broker for US Clients for under a $2000 deposit. I am a bit weary about them as they are difficult to contact Via email. I am obviously very interested in them but no phone call or email. They always say they are regulated by Estonia or St Vincent and Grenadines and never both. This is me contacting their live support. Im being optimistic and thinking they are just being bare bones about giving the best quality service for the price as they receive good reviews.

"GopalK: I dont understand the Estonian and Grenadine connection

GopalK: more

Tallinex Support: Please send email to info@tallinex.com and request for more information. Thank you.

GopalK: there is not anyone there

Tallinex Support: Correct."

See even they say they wont email you back.

when you look up St Vincent and Grenadine regulation:

Issued By:
Financial Services Authority
5th June, 2014

“The Financial Services Authority (the “Authority”) wishes to advise that it does not ‘Regulate, Monitor or Supervise” International Business Companies (IBCs) which engage in FOREX Trading or Brokerage. Statements of this nature are a misrepresentation of the Authority’s supervisory powers with respect to IBCs.

The Authority does not approve or sanction the business activities of IBCs upon their incorporation. The extent of supervision of IBCs goes no further than to ensure that IBCs comply with their obligations under the International Business Companies Act. The Authority also does not license the activity of FOREX Trading or Brokerage and any IBC purporting to be licensed by the Authority to conduct this business activity is making a false statement
Leverage remains fixed at weekends - we don't routinely drop your leverage late on Friday like certain brokers do.
@GopalK.. to answer your questions:

1) Tallinex relocated from Estonia to St Vincent in November 2014. The reason for doing so was a change to Forex regulatory practice in Estonia which would have required us to drop all US resident clients. From your comments, I assume that you are a US resident so this situation would have affected you directly.

2) The current regulatory position in St Vincent is exactly as it was previously in Estonia i.e. spot Forex is not considered a securities product, so there's basically no change at all.

3) I don't understand how or why you are having issues with email - possibly you use one of the free email providers who routinely drop and/or filter incoming mail. Regardless, we have a team of live-chat operators to assist clients and a web-based ticketing system for those who experience issues with email responses.

As for Tallinex itself, we strive to provide the best service to all our clients and there's certainly nothing "bare-bones" about us. :)

Sorry if the move confused you or the email issue caused concern - that certainly wasn't our intention. Keep trading and you'll see that our great service will shine though.
Do you reduce available leverage in your client accounts over weekends?

If I have an account with 200:1 leverage, will it stay that way over the weekend?


Yes - it will ... unlike certain other brokers, Tallinex does not reduce leverage on client accounts at weekends.
I have a question regarded your segregated accounts. Are these separate individual accounts for each individual trader in the trader's name or is everyone's money dumped into one account that is segregated from the company accounts? I asked in live chat who the bank was and was given a list of different banks. Do I get to choose which one?

My concern is the safety of my funds with a broker that is in reality unregulated.
I received information from FinFX that my accounts will be moved to Tallinex because they can't accept US clients anymore. I have become acquainted with your web site and would like to ask if it is really so that I can have up to 1:1000 leverage and 100 % deposit bonus for all my deposits?