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Problem TarsierFX is CapitalOneForex

I am having an issue with a company

Master Yoda

After I have made an investigation I can tell you that TarsierFX is part of the scam company CapitalOneForex.

1. You have this guy Paul Cheney who apparently holds both TarsierFX domain and one of the owners of CapitalOneForex (attahced)

2. My good friend Donald has emailed CapitalOneForex an email asking their for their regulation and their reply was sending TarsierFX regulation info.

Donald even asked what's TarsierFX and the rep answer was- TarsierFX is CapitalOneForex (attached)

Therefore, I am asking Asstmod and FPA to add TarsierFX to the Scam finding against CapitalOneForex gang

P.S. I have decided to cover the employee name as my purpose is not to harm him personally.


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Could those Tarsier account holders with withdrawal problems please comment if there has been any action on their enquiries?

If not, then its time to inform the police about these criminals...