Tate Prime-Live on MT4, fake Forex broker, a big scam


? Works now...


Although would be good if it didn't...

Did someone notify IC Markets?
I emailed IC Markets about the issue, but haven't heard back yet, all of tate prime registrations number and financial service numbers listed on the bottom of its website belong to IC Markets, these information can be searched from authorities' website, including Australia, Cyprus and Seychelles.

I can see IC Markets put its Cyprus registration information on

Its Australian registration information on

Have not found IC Markets put its registration information on Seychelles from its website yet.

I think I have been scammed by the same scammers mentioned here.

There are some others' post online, these scammers used JC, Jitak Capital, now Tate Prime, I don't know whose registration information being stolen when they used JC and Jitak.

Its bank account name is HongKong Maoxing Technology Co. Limited at Australia, CitiBank. I searched the name, it was registered on 6-Aug-2020, CR No.2965720

Tate Prime Limited was registered on 2-Dec-2019, CR No. 2898121
Jitak Capital Limited was registered on 16-Sep-2019, CR No. 2873690

These are few companies mentioned on jitakscam.com/the-scam/, as the recipients' bank accounts name, my search found out they are registered late of 2019 and early of 2020.

If same group, they are well organized to do the business, if not stop them, more new names could come out.

We had phone communication, over the number+852 9148 6588 (unable to reach now), and its WhatsApp number +852 9065 8994

Its old logo: