Tate's war room

kill shill

Hi everyone I have been looking at Tate's war room for like 4.5k GBP. Yes its a bit steep but I have the same again to put in to trading so in theory I should make it back. Anyway its my life savings so I wanted to ask on here if its any good or a scam?

I have joined similar groups like the Dollar Vigilante and I did end up doing quite well. I did well becasue they basically told the community about shitcoins like pirate chain, then the more people that came in the group the more and more it pumped untill it eventually got really high. I got a 1000% return on that. But overall would I recomend it? No the TA they provided was not up to scratch and like I say these coins are **** coins. But I have bought their latest pick.

Anyway I once paid 0.77 BTC agers ago to a guy that told me how to trade and I ended up 0.76 profit so it ended up there was no point lol

Anyway TATE's war room is super expensive. Do you get any benefits from it as they mention forex trading and such. Do you get to mingle with rich people and is it beneficial? thanks