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Discuss TDAmeritrade.com

General discussions of a financial company
Found out the hard way that trading FX with TD Ameritrade that they do NOT completely close your trade, until the trade "Clears" and that can take up to three days. That means as the exchange rate moves "For you" or "Against you" your "Unrealized Profit/Loss" goes up and down until your trade clears.I have had it confirmed by the home office. This is their normal way of doing business in the FX spot market. Go to live chat and ask them, they don't seem to think there is anything wrong with this pracitce. I am sure this works very well for the guys working the dealing desks and keeping their loses to a minimum
TD Ameritrade is a scammer, avoid them. OPened an account and funded $5000 , but with amount I am not aloud to do Forex trading, it is not clear to them at all why, now trying to withdraw the money also not possible
they seem to freeze client fund and refuse to transfer to bank