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I had a few trades open including USDNOK, with my Stoploss and take profit intact how ever the trades were "stopped out" put when I looked at price action price never reached there I contacted them to try just clear the air and have them explain how this was possible. What they said didn't really make sense

Here is our conversation:

I made these 4 trades between 22:00 - 23:00 I set the respective stoplosses to:

EURJPY.dma - 115.111
USDHKD.dma - 7.75828
USDNOK.dma - 8.36350
USDSGD.dma- 1.36648

All these 4 trades stopped me out, but when I go to my charts it shows price never reached those levels, Please explain to me how this is possible, I have attahced a pdf file with the screenshots of the trades I took. The red dotted line shows the initial position my stoploss was before I was "stopped out".



TDMarkets: This happens because the candlesticks they are averages, so they average the price instead. But if you put a straight line graph, you will see that there is no problem

Pls put a straight line graph to investigate & come back to me

Their response does not make logical sense to me, I just need proper explanation before I accuse them of something that is my fault


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Candlesticks are averages? Please send them the link to this thread and ask them to come here and explain.
Hi, I Contacted their support regarding this above-mentioned issue, they clearly explained how it so happens that my trades where stopped out and I'm perfectly happy with the assistance I received from them
Could you explain this so that everyone else can understand what happened to your trades?
Candlesticks are averages? Please send them the link to this thread and ask them to come here and explain.
Hi Pharaoh. The client was trading short on small time frames (1 minute) and he did not know about the bid/ask price and having to add the spread to your stop when going short. The support agent who dealt with it was on his second day and he he messed up by not admitting that he could not answer, and getting someone more technically trained to deal with the ticket. This incident cost the agent his job because we were trying to get our support department to reach a level of perfection. I will be the first to admit that support was not up to scratch in the beginning but since then we have invested more in training, team building and quality leadership not to mention good support staff. We currently have a world class support department that only closes when the market does and if you have a look at the reviews and comments on our facebook page you will see that many clients comment on how good support is treating them.
If you are unsure about TDMarkets go and test it out for yourself and then come and give your review here. You don't have to spend a sent and your profits are yours to keep. No catch!
Until the new president gets around to overturning the part in Dodd-Frank which makes accessing offshore brokers difficult for US citizens, I'll have to hold back on considering your kind offer.
Hi Pharaoh
I figured that the US restrictions were directly related to the moving of funds and since you would not deposit anything you would be able to get by them. It's a pity because I really was hoping for you too see what we have created at TDMarkets. Interesting how the US gives you a hand full of brokers to choose from and is cutting that pool down by getting rid of 33% market share holder FXCM. Would you say it's just to protect the US people or could there be some conspiracy theory involving a broker or group of brokers with government backing or powerful connections? Now that you guys have a new president we can hope. Perhaps once he finds out that without any Mexicans there are no builders for his wall in the US, he may turn his attention to modifying that part in Dodd-Frank. One can hope. Anyhow the offer is open for anybody (Outside the US of course) to try TDMarkets for free on a live account that we will fund. You never pay back the funds and get to keep 100% of your profits.
Give it a few months. Looks like there's a plan to dismantle a lot of the Dodd-Frank regulations.
Give it a few months. Looks like there's a plan to dismantle a lot of the Dodd-Frank regulations.
LOL I just read it on financemagnat. . . and thought I'd head over here to bring you the good news. Turns out the investigative skills of the legendary Pharaoh got the better of me once again, by a whole day and some hrs.

I suspect there must be a fair amount of showmanship and big gestures without any real plans for change going on too. Do you think this is really a possibility and not just all talk? It would change the FX landscape significantly. Those fxcm customers don't really seem like such a cheap purchase if the US is opened up to international brokers.

I hope this happens and you can one day get a taste the pleasure of trading on TDMarkets, second only to the taste of Jim Beam (perhaps).