Teach the beginners


I think it's really hard to get through to beginners the fact that the reason why experienced traders are so cautious isn't because we're inept and the beginner in question is some kind of infallible omniscient.

As a matter of fact, I think people who think they are or can be infallible omniscients should try trading in a demo account. If they still are convinced, they should try trading in a nanolot account. If they still are convinced, they should study a lot more and try trading in a micro account.
If they have enough money to buy a new car upfront with their own money and lose all of it without affecting their family, and have studied more than they thought they'd ever need to, they should test their conviction with a mini account.

Staying in the green is possible, but getting every trade for a long period of time isn't.

To prove it, I'd like to have experienced traders post which pair they got burned on.

For me, today it was the AUD/USD expecting a continuation down after catching the drop from the interest rate announcement.
(sorry...my clinging to self-esteem makes me point out that I caught the first drop)