Team members of leopor Forex global said gold saw a sharp rise


Gold futures maintained the upward trend, now close to US $1846 / oz. I have written the latest article to analyze the future trend of gold futures and silver futures.

In my article, I wrote that gold futures may rise to $1880 per ounce, and then fall again to $1840-1820 per ounce. As long as it stays above 24, silver futures may rise to 25.

In terms of gold, I found that gold futures rose. As long as the support of US $1820 / oz is well maintained, there is room for gold futures to rise to US $1880 / oz, and gold may fall back to US $1840-1820 / oz in the future. However, in the longer term, gold futures are likely to rise to $1900 / oz or higher. Overall, the short-term outlook for gold futures is bullish and is expected to rise to US $1880 / oz, followed by a correction correction.

As for silver, I said that silver futures may remain in the range of $24-25 / oz. If it stays above the $24 / oz support level, there is still room for silver to rise to $25 / oz.

I'm a member of Leobor team. This article is written by me. Please indicate it if you reprint it! thank you