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Tech Support for the Universe

The FPA does not provide tech support for other companies.

If you want a complete list of currency pairs or deposit methods a broker offers, ask the broker for information. If they can't provide a clear answer, don't open an account with them.

If you want to know the best settings for an EA, ask in the discussion thread linked to the EA's review page or ask the company directly. If the company can't answer, don't buy their product.

If a broker's trading platform get stuck, ask the broker why it happened. If it keeps happening too often, get a new broker.

If you want a comparison between the features of 2 companies or products, ask in the Forex Company Comparisons folder.

The FPA's services are free to readers. There amount of work done here on Reviews, Forums, and Performance Testing keeps staff members very busy. FPA staff don't have time to go out an look up things for thousands of people when the question can be asked in the forums or addressed directly to companies.

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