Teenager says hello to adults ;)


Hello everyone, my name is George i am 14 year old and i live in Tblisi, Georgia. It is obvious that there is no sense in retelling you about my adventures in forex world and generally about very strange fact. Many people will ask what is this 'youngster' doing in forex? answer is very simple, I am trying to earn money as well as you are doing that. :) thanks for your attention ;)



You have a tremendous advantage over the rest of us - time.

This means that you can invest more carefully - aim for the best returns you can get while trying to avoid any drawdown when possible. If you do this, the power of compounding will give you more money in the long run than a high rate of return earned by someone older.

Just remember to donate some of your profits to the Home for Old Margin-Called 4Xers. :D