The account manager from is disappearing after investing money


Since 28th August this company (broker capital ) they called me in my phone number and I don't know how they could find my number because I did never register in this company , then they made account for me and they called me many times to convince me to deposit 1000 $ and I told them sorry I cannot deposit this money because I have no more money and it is a big risk for me , then that man he called me , he asked me about how many money I can invest ; I told him I have just (1000 Saudi Ryals ) and this money is not enough , then he asked me to invest this money and he promised me to grow this money to 1000 dollars in this night and he will help me and he was very nice talking and he was full of confidence that makes me trust him . After I deposited the money he disappeared and there is other man called '' Mohamed" he told me he is my account manager and he told me that money is very few if I can increase it is better , and I told him I have no more and before "Adham " he convinced me to invest this few money and I didn't want to trade in the forex but he promised me that I will be safe , then the company asked me to send my ID and my credit card pictures and my home rent contract to confirm my identity and I did . I sent copies to'' Mohamed'' and others to the company email then after one day my account manager disappeared and he deleted his email and very hard to contact , and the company after near to 1 month they sent an email that they approved my application (24 September 2014) and then until (23 of October 2014) nobody had contacted me just on that day another man called '' Ahmed Emran'' he called me in my phone and he convinced me to deposit another 1000 dollar and that time I have received my salary , and he told me your money Is very less and I promised you to make this money double in this week , he talked very trusty , and I told him I have all in my bank account this 1000 dollars and I have a bank loan and home rent and many money I should pay so I will make myself in problems if I give you this 1000 dollars , but he answered me back he will make this money triple in this week and I will return my money back with profits then we made one trade and I gained 46 dollars and already there was 500 $ was given to me as bonus that day and then he promised to call me again after three days , and I was talking to him please don't forget me I have zero account in my bank and I have loan and many things and I want to pay soon because I will be in problems , he told me don't worry I will help you . then 3 days passed and he did never call me , I sent him an email and he did never reply me , 10 passed and he did never contact me and I don’t know what I can do and I'm in a very hard situation and very depressed (specially I'm pregnant ) and I send withdrawal request (I want my deposited money to be back and I cannot wait more . I asked for my money withdrawal in this date (3 of November 2014) and they just sent me and email that they will process my request and they will send me my money in my credit card within 7 days , and I'm very worried about that they will not give me my money back (1265 dollars ). So I asked you for help to bring my money back from this company .

my account number is 2379662 - USD

email of company :
Tel: +442031500293
I wish you will help me if there is any difficulty to withdraw my money from this company

Thank you

" sorry for my poor English "


First, take this lesson to heart. NEVER invest borrowed money. NEVER do business with any investment company that cold calls you.

Second, get documentation of everything NOW, including your current account history, balance, etc. Take screenshots. They could block access to this information at any time.

Third, get screenshots of anything on their website that talks about withdrawals.

Fourth, contact your credit card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain that the services offered by Broker Capital include, deposit, trading, and withdrawal. Explain that this broker is not following through on withdrawals. Ask if a chargeback for failure to provide promised services can be initiated.

Fifth, ask the bank and your local police if there's some central place to file online financial fraud charges in your country. You can also ask the phone company if the call asking you to open an account violated any local laws.

Sixth, file a complaint with - Your site for cross-border complaints.

Seventh, email Broker Capital. Ask them to join this thread an explain why you don't have access to your money yet.


I have a similar experience with BrokerCapital, biggest scam!!!!!!! Stay away from BrokerCapital. My broker has disappeared and hasnt responded to me.