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The Asian Group IB

Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by RahmanSL, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. RahmanSL

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    I came across "The Asian Group" IB name in another forum and tried "search" in FPA for them but got none.

    Reason I ask is, have anyone at FPA used them as an IB since I am considering to use them as an IB for their monthly rebates system?

    Their "Global Moderator" posted these in their forum:

    The Asian Group as Referrer to: Alpari UK, Forex.com/UK, FXCM-UK, FXCM-AU, Dukascopy, Go Markets, MIG Bank, Tadawul FX, FXDD, and ActivTrades.

    1) Join directly from forex.com, deposit $5,000 and receive a one-time bonus of $100 which can be withdrawn after 90 days

    2) Join through The Aslan Group and receive a Rebate of 0.6 pips/lot on your trading volume for every month that your account trades.

    We have a very strict policy in place to only partner with regulated firms and as a result we will not deal with (any Broker)….
    ….but when it comes to our broker relationships we have set some very high standards on which firms we will represent…..the concept of regulation has everything to do with accountability….
    …we have greater peace of mind in knowing that the brokers we work with face strict consequences if they go outside of the rules…
    ….when entering into a working relationship and bringing them new clients, it is a HUGE deal as our reputation is at stake….
    ……We would make a lot more money in the short term if we simply represented every broker that offered to pay us, but we are committed to this venture for the long-term and our client’s safety/stability is far more important than grabbing every dollar we can get.
    ----------------------- end ------------------------------

    Any additional info from real & trusted traders will be much appreciated.

    P/S: With the exception of : Mark Zwahlen (IT Manager of ForInvest), who also posted as Swiss Advisor, KingSO, sam bullock, Christiano Lancilotto,Samer Sweiss-Jordan, Kali Cahen, Kieran Mitt, Voucheir M, Forex-Adviser, Prof. Trader and he-alone-knows what other names.
    Absolutely no need to post reply(ies) here. : P

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