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i make this thread to help people in the world to see this biggest sindicate ever.

Story : I Have acccount on number Live : 622455 i have already traded this account from 3.000 to 6.713, this scam broker tell me i cannot withdraw the capital so i just make a wtihdrawal from and email for 3.713. let me show you how scam this sindicate..


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Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send an email to every possible address).

2nd - Invite him via skype or any communication address you have for him.
Okay sir.. i will give all their connection.. in few hours.. this sindicates should be exposed and i hope no one will face this again.. i ll show you hpw perfect their ways to scam people....
Okay, i will continue this thread, to all the story, This broker is based on everything is said but when i find out that is all virtual office. the true website is hiding behind malaysia base... now is the hot time, they use firstclass (they say they are partner) and i think they are the same sindicates, they use firstclass which base in indonesia to trick people to join this broker through them. they registered me in the name of firstclass to the goldman. i have proved on my chat, they ask me to transfer deposit to goldman account letter which i had upload. they were handling by a group of people sindicate which i would reveal their photos here after my report to police and international yurisdiction out. i find this out because of some reason they have a fake coach which giving us signal ton entry and make some loss and profit so never profit. i decided to trade my self and the result is double account. the fake coach shock to see my result. These people are monsters all 6 member base in our city are already victims. they also have another group of broker which i would reveal after my report is out. i will upload all our conversation with these two bastards and hiding behind goldman.

Two head use nick name
Francis (nick name) : +6282210022112 (whatsapp) this people is gone never replied any conversation till now, his friend say he is not working anymore (very weird).
Wayne (nick name) : +6590528828 (Telegram) this man use a nickname his real name will also i will reveal after the process is out. this guy is the man giving us instruction where to send money and he say he is terminated by the firstclass.. very very weird...


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so after all of this i hope forexpeacearmy can give help and banned this website so it will not harm alot of people, also first class they are same using virtual office and contact is the same person.. investigation will need to expose this scam broker..
Fristclass IG, facebook already deleted, proof conversation, and others.. many more..
Firstclass and Goldman is same... same sindicates, now the guy nickname wayne say he is terminated when i want to withdrawal my profit, is it insane?
and trade my account itself, i think so many ghost this day, call his name is wayne, i will tell you his real name and very funny...


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