I traded with forex4you for a long time,My account no-268734, I use hedge technique with this account Everything was fine.
But suddenly At 25-01-2015 i have noticed almost 200 of eur/usd order has been closed. as it is a cent account so i opened many orders with small lot. and it was in hedge position. than i checked my history and after seeing my history i was thunder to see there are many orders 00.00 lots. i asked my-self how it come to open 00.00 lots. i had several 8.00 lot buy and sell . i didn't find them in history. after contacting with them they told me i have closed multiple order. than i told them i had more than 200 orders if i do it i need to select all the orders but i didn't do it. and how it come 00.00 lot. as it was in hedge position so i didn't had any headache. when i sent them my complain they didn't send any satisfied feedback.they have given me some cooking up an account which is not accepted. So pleas I need your help judging this company and return my hedge position back.

Below E-mail conversation between me & forex4you.

me-Those are all my old order. but i had opened in various date . but in 25th of January suddenly forex4you closed all of my orders except 5-7 order. if you want i can give u my e-mail and password . you can login and check.

e-mail: m*****@*****.com
Pass: **************

Forex4you-Dear Monir Hasan,

Thank you for contacting Forex4you Customer Support!

In according to our server log you have used a "multiple close" function in MT4. Request for closure was sent from IP

2015.01.26 07:54:10.454 '2687634': close all orders 'EURUSD'
2015.01.26 07:54:10.454 'request from '2687634' (close all trades by 'EURUSD')
2015.01.26 07:54:12.163 : confirm '2687634' close all trades by 'EURUSD'

Closure method of hedged orders works on principle of balance, ie from the order with higher volume is being deducted the volume of opposite (hedged) position. Due to this volume for closed hedged orders is being shown as 0.00 in your account history.

Best regards,
Forex4you Dealing Department

Me-multiple close by order is not for hedge order. i have tested it in others broker. if the multiple closed order selected than those order will be close which order are selected not hedge orders. why you are scamming with me? why i am being cheated. 1200 usd nothing for a broker but for the client is much amount.i can't do anything forex4you but can warn the all of forex trader. now is globalization and is very easy to inform them about your scamming. once of course i can profit but if you lost your good reputation in forex market you it can't recover your glory. i have talked to forexpeacearmy, forex factory, mt5 forum all of them told me it is your scam. 00.00 lot can't be any how. i am not a new trader. heading is my trading strategy. but seeing my trading strategy may be you thought i am a foolish trader. OK, don't worry i will complain every where and every forex forum. minimum you will lost your bangladeshi and malaysian market..

Dear Monir Hasan,

Please mind that the "multiple close by" function in MT4 closes only hedged positions for specific currency pair.

In according to our server log records on account 2687634 you used it for EURUSD positions:

2015.01.26 07:54:10.454 '2687634': close all orders 'EURUSD'
2015.01.26 07:54:10.454 'request from '2687634' (close all trades by 'EURUSD')
2015.01.26 07:54:12.163 : confirm '2687634' close all trades by 'EURUSD'

If the volumes for hedged positions are the same so then current orders are being closed. Volume, commission, swap, profit is shown as 0.00. Close price for current orders are shown as an open price. Also please mind that this is a specificity of orders closure technology of MT4 and it is being provided from Metaquotes company not ours.

In conclusion we would like to mention that in according to 2.2. clause of "Notice of risk" document - The Company is not responsible for Client’s losses sustained due to non - observance of instructions included in the MetaTrader client terminal user guide. Unfortunately trading result compensation for current trading operations could not be performed.

Hope for your understanding.
Best regards,
Forex4you Dealing Department

Below some screenshot of my account & GHOST ORDERS Which created fraudulently by forex4you.
monir5.pngmonir6.pngmonir 9.png
Just to give you some info (by the way I didn't check your orders closely here), but 0 lots orders are not ghost orders. Such orders are created when you choose "close by" function, where the order's profit or loss is absorbed into the opposite order. This was implemented by metaquotes to reduce commission fees for a trader. Indeed not all brokers have this functionality as sometimes, a closed hedge order still holds its own profit or loss. Just trying to give you some info so you can continue correctly. Many hedging EAs use this function.
monirhasan2003, in your mt4 platform, under the "Account History" tab, right click anywhere inside it and enable the "Comments" column. If you see there that the "ghost" orders have in this column something like "close hedge by #xxxxx" then you (probably by mistake) used the "multiple close by" feature of the MT4 which is not broker specific. If you are 100% sure that there is no way that you used it even by mistake then check your EA (if you use one), especially if you didn't develop it yourself