The Cevn Trading Method, learn how to 'Live Trade' for FREE


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This is more than just a trading strategy it is a complete trading method on how to 'Live Trade' the financial market of your choice.

The original idea behind this method was the development of a trading method to the most challenging and arguably problematic area of trading that the new and less experienced traders will encounter,‘ how to gain profit when live trading’.

The objective of this method is assistance to the trader after they have placed a trade in the live settings of their market. Items for example such as; should the trade run? Should it close? When to use a stop loss, when not to use a stop loss, is there a trend? If so in which direction is it going?

Also, to help the user to gain the necessary experience required to trade the market not just profitably, but also to have the ability to recognise what is required of the trader in the future to improve their market know-how, skill and live trading. And just as importantly to not become another member of the 95 percent club.

To achieve the aim of assisting the trader trading the markets, I have developed a method which uses several moving average indicators in a unique and inventive way to construct a visual aid and an analytical approach to trading. However, users of this method must appreciate that it is not a perfect solution and does have limitations. That said, it is a far better panacea to the problem of what-to-do next than the one available at the moment, nothing!

With practice this method will help the trader overcome some of the more difficult problems they may encounter while they are trading. And make no mistake the knowledge gained here is priceless in the pursuit of profitability.

In theory this approach should work on any financial market that uses the charting system. However, I cannot substantiate this claim as I am unable to obtain and test all the platforms that are used in these other markets.

While it is quite feasible for a more experienced trader to use this trading method as a complete trading strategy in itself, this suggestion should not be implemented by the less seasoned trader as it requires a solid understanding of the everyday intricacies of those markets.

The main reason for this trading approach is to teach new traders what to look out for after they have placed a trade and while the two images posted below don't reveal much of the strategy this can be fairly complex setup at times.

The two images below show how the trading method appears on a chart screen on MT4. Image1 shows only the trading method. While image2 shows the method with the Cevn Bounce strategy. So if you have a favourite trading strategy it can be used in sync with this approach. As with all the strategies I create this trading method is completely free.



Private, 1st Class
Sorry Cklayus, I have not put the strategy on here yet. My fault as I have taken on too much at the moment. However I will post the full method on here soon.

Again my apologise,



I am testing your strategy and I find it interesting.

Thank you very much for your generosity.

Only one small question:


You wrote:

"At the precise moment when the price action breaks the opening price of the new candle in the direction of trade, the merchant pulls the trigger."

"Image 3 shows that the price has changed, so as soon as the candle breaks the opening price and turns red, this is the time to pull the TRIGGER to place the trade."

And the question is:

How long do you wait for the price action to break the opening price? Is there some time at most?

Thanks for your reply.