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The Danny Wall Scam In Depth MUST READ!

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by vincam, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. vincam

    vincam Sergeant

    Sep 27, 2010
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    So if you don't know me I originally got on to FPA after the scammer Danny Wall stole $1000 from me. I have since sought to help others on the FPA not get caught in his types of scams and always hold a special place in my toilet for Mr. Wall. The following conversation took place with Mr. Wall starting on 3/15/11 and ending on 3/18/11. I decided to use it as an example of how these master scammers operate. If you want to check out any of the links in here you should get them while their hot, he will no doubt disable them soon. His replies are in red and any comments I have for them will be in blue . Enjoy.

    If you aren't aware of Mr. Wall, if you want to receive his "analysis" now you have to have a facebook profile and connect with him, you can't just get on his list anymore. He puts out endless crap "analysis" in which he claims he has only been wrong 3 times in 5 years or some crap like that, if you get on his list you'll quickly see he will be wrong 2 or 3 times in a week. Anyways he uses these "analysis" reports to try to lure you in to one of his many traps, the reply was made to one of these reports and I'll present an example of what one looks like in green below

    Yesterday I said that EURUSD would be moving upward on additional conflict in Libya.

    Then, immediately following the announcement that the UN had approved attacks against the government of Libya, EURUSD was dropping sharply.

    I sent out an email warning that it was a fool's move and warned that EURUSD would be moving up.

    Almost to the pip, EURUSD began to do just that, stair stepping more than 150 pips upward.

    We are looking at another "tread" forming. Does this mean that EURUSD is headed still farther or does it mean that the upward move is over and some consolidation is in order?

    To be honest ... given that we are now nearing the end of the trading week, I think we'll see consolidation occur. The last couple of hours should see a tightly range bound market that makes scalping a dream.

    Since last week we have seen the close out of the London session cause consolidation in this pair in the afternoon NY session.

    However, the end of the week is traditionally low volatility and low volume and this week is probably going to be worse with that than usual.

    This makes for EXCELLENT scalping opportunities, trading EURUSD short (for only about 5 to 10 pips of profit per trade ... it's a scalp remember).

    Just place those scalp trades off the top side of the trend line that is already formed.

    Look for an extensive analysis report probably later today.

    Then an hour and a half later this comes out

    Right about noon eastern I sent out a message predicting that EURUSD was largely done with its upward movement and to expect consolidation and thin trading.

    Clearly THAT didn't happen. Right about 12:18 EURUSD start to move up again rather sharply ... a highly unusual time for a sharp move in EURUSD during the regular part of the week.

    On a friday, it was especially odd as many US traders are closing out their positions for the trading week, not opening new positions.

    This likely will only continue for about another hour before things will have to start to slow down as the trading week begins to complete.

    Another location to look for is 1.42 to act as some kind of resistance.

    Finally, my times three opportunity has come and gone. HOWEVER, if you have just 500, I can turn that into 1k by WEDNESDAY of next week.

    This is a VERY fast turn around and I am going to GUARANTEE that you get the return.

    PLUS I am going to teach you exactly how it is that I keep doing this.

    Now obviously the extremely short turn around for this means that if you want in, I need to hear from you RIGHT AWAY to get you in.

    Also, I have been having new trading opportunities like this coming out quite often lately. That is about to come to a screeching halt.

    It is possible that I'll another one for Monday ... but even that is in question. I don't see any after that. The last time this happened it was 6 months until I got anything like this.

    My point here is that if you miss this one you may miss out period.

    You'll not only miss out on the MASSIVE returns, you'll also miss out on learning what I'm doing here and how ... which if you did just two of these a YEAR means losing tens of thousands.

    So, reply back to this message and I'll explain how you join. Just remember, you need to be ready to act. To get you in on this and turn things around to you by Wednesday of next week we've go to move.

    Reply back and I'll send details.

    Uh oh, he's already been wrong, apparently that won't count towards his "only being wrong 3 times" count, but anyways I just want you to take note that the analysis is just a ploy to get you to look at his sales pitch towards the bottom, a typical scammer tactic, hurry, hurry, you missed the last chance for big money, send me your money right away or you'll miss out again. If you research how to ID a scam this is a big red flag, the "hurry, hurry, or you'll miss out" pitch.

    So anyways, a reply was made to one of his pitches, here goes..

    Mr. Wall,

    It has been a few days since I checked my e-mail and it looks like you have a lot of things going on, are any of these programs still available?

    1. The guaranteed return 3 times investment deal?
    2. The deal about sharing in your profits from the trading room on your webpage?
    3. Learning from you how to trade?

    Please let me know, I may be interested in some of these programs, I'll have to get some more info of course. Thank you.

    Here we go ...

    > 1. The guaranteed return 3 times investment deal?

    Yes ... the way it works is that you send in the funds and you get 3
    times back what you gave me. This will go until the end of the month.
    Within 5 days after the end of the month you get back 3 times what
    you sent in.

    The agreement for this can be found here:


    Get this link while it's hot, once it goes down, I still have a copy that I'll put up

    VERY IMPORTANT ... you are coming in a bit late and this actually
    started today. If you are inside the US you will need to wire the
    funds talked about in the account FIRST THING in the morning.

    If you are outside the US then you will need to send the funds by
    western union or moneygram ... otherwise I will not get the funds in
    fast enough.

    Again, hurry, hurry or you're gonna miss it!

    Please reply back with your skype id (if you are outside the US or if
    you use skype if you are in the US) or a phone number so that we can
    speak by voice.

    > 2. The deal about sharing in your profits from the trading room on your
    > webpage?

    Nope ... that one filled up REAL fast, sorry.

    > 3. Learning from you how to trade?

    Yes ... if you get into the times three trading pool learning from me
    how to trade is part of the deal.

    Forgot to mention ... if you could, reply back as soon as possible and
    let me know how much you intend to put into to the times three pool.

    Mr. Wall,

    Unfortunately there would be no way I could get the money to you today, I was thinking around $5000 but it will take me till Monday at least to get it all sent to me. Will you be doing one of these again? Also just a few questions about these pools.

    1. Who is Heidi Wall? I see she is the receiver of the funds on the pool sheet.
    2. Do you also sign/notarize the agreement and forward a copy to me? That would give me more peace of mind on such a transaction.

    Thanks for the info.

    A couple of things on this front.
    1) why not just send a smaller amount ... say 500 to get into this
    initial pool? I almost never have pools that do more than double and
    usually they are 30 days in length. If I were you I wouldn't want to
    miss a 3 times pool, especially one with such a short duration.

    2) If you want to do 5k I have another two times pool coming up that
    will be starting Monday. It has a 5k minimum and will go until the
    15th of April. I will send you the agreement for it.

    > 1. Who is Heidi Wall? I see she is the receiver of the funds on the pool
    > sheet.

    My wife. She opened the holding account that I use for the pools.

    Very professional, send the money to your wife's account, I suspect this is because he has probably blacklisted his daughter Jordyn Wall from other accounts and now has to use his wife. He used to have you send money to Jordyn for these pools

    > 2. Do you also sign/notarize the agreement and forward a copy to me? That
    > would give me more peace of mind on such a transaction.

    Honestly I've never been asked for this before ... however I can send
    you a version of the agreement that has my explicit signature on it if
    you like. Just send me your physical address and a fax number. I
    will fax one to you and send you the original.

    This was not asked for but no doubt would not have been notorized, would have been interesting to see though.

    Also, part of this is for me to teach you various trading techniques.
    I would like to speak with you by voice.

    Can you shoot me a contact number or a skype ID along with a good time
    to talk today?

    Mr. Wall,

    Before we get any further, I found this thread on a site called Forex Peace Army.


    Was this situation resolved with these people complaining in here? There are some recent posts suggesting they weren't. Please let me know, I believe in giving someone a chance to state their side of the issue. Thanks.

    So here comes the typical FPA attack, that FPA created this whole scenario and is on a mission to take him down

    Go to google, type in Forex Peace Army.

    Take a look at a couple of the results (namely the Forex Justice and
    ForexBastards links). Scam reports against other forex folks IS WHAT
    THEY DO. By now they would have been sued out of business but they
    hide in offshore countries.

    It is to give the (false) impression that they at the forex peace army
    can be trusted so that you will work with them.

    The site is ran by Felix Homogratus and Rob Grespinet (you can verify
    this when you do the forex peace army search).

    Take a look at these guys and run a search on them and see what kind
    of folks these guys are. The bottom line here is that NOTHING you
    find on FPA or anything that originates from there can be considered
    with any kind of believability. Anything there is just a ploy to make
    me look bad. By tearing me down they hope to make themselves look

    Keep in mind that you've obtained personal experience that I can
    repeatedly and accurately predict the forex market. There is no
    better way of determining that I know what I'm talking about than

    Instead of bouncing this back and forth repeatedly by email, lets
    speak by voice and I can answer any questions or concerns you have all
    in one shot. Shoot me your phone number and I'll give you a ring.

    Mr Wall,

    Even discounting that forum I found some other links on Rip Off Report, Scam.com, Idontgiveascam.com, warrior forum, you tube, there are quite a few. It is enough to make one wonder about what the situation is. I have not been watching you very long so I think for now I might just see how your other pools go and follow your analysis for a bit, just to be safe, I hope you understand.

    Take a look at all those other sites and what you find is that they
    are all originating from the forex peace army. Take a look at the
    ripoffreport.com, scam.com, etc and you will see that the complaints
    there are IDENTICAL to the complaints on the forex peace army.

    Like I said, this is what they do. It is their entire business model
    online. They call other legitimate forex folks scammers in an effort
    to steal their customers or at a minimum hurt their business enough
    that they go away.

    Notice how long they've been at this with me. Since the middle of
    last year they've been attempting to make me go away.

    Yeah, since I obtained the scam finding against him, but there are many complaints before I even opened this thread and some, but not all of those posts on those other sites are mine, I wanted the word out to everyone on this scammer so I posted my story everywhere I could.

    I'm still here, still providing analysis.

    Additionally, that is why I suggested doing only 500 instead of a full
    5k. It gives you a chance to see that I'm the real deal while using
    only a very small amount.

    Another Danny tactic, "just send me a little, I'll steal that, it's better than zero for me"

    However, you need to do what you are comfortable with doing.

    Mr. Wall,

    While I see that some of those reports are from some of the same individuals, a lot of them predate the Forex Peace Army thread, the You Tube videos, Warrior Forum and stuff on a babypips.com website are way before that forum posting and they all don't have too good of things to say. I don't know what really happened with all that stuff but maybe some kind of explanation on your website or something would be in order? If something happened against you I would think it would be to your benefit to explain it to others who may find it as I did, it was not very difficult.

    Nope ... I'm not dignifying any of it with a public response of any
    kind. It actually serves to LEGITIMIZE the complaints. At one point
    these things were all over the first page. Now most of them have
    dropped to the second. I could easily push them all the way down to
    the fifth if I wanted ... but honestly I don't want to. People
    subscribe to my list and gain their own opinion. That's good enough
    for me.

    Then do it Danny, push them down, it will only motivate me to push them back up

    Those that don't probably wouldn't do anything with me anyway.

    Allow me to prove a point.

    I challenge you to find a single forex broker that has been in
    business for more than 5 years that doesn't have AT LEAST a dozen scam
    complaints against them.

    If every single forex broker is scamming people how does anyone make
    any money trading? How are there ANY successful forex traders? DBFX,
    the largest forex broker in the world, has HUNDREDS of idiots out
    there claiming that DBFX stop hunted them, traded against them, and
    any number of other uninformed things.

    Now, how many forex brokers do you see out there running around trying
    to answer bogus complaints about them.

    Here is my take on this whole issue. I give good information that
    PROVES that I know what I am doing beyond any shadow of a doubt.

    It proves you don't know squat and just skirt over when you are wrong, which is very frequently

    That's either good enough for you or it isn't. I'm cool with it
    either way. I don't need you or honestly anyone else to place funds
    into one of my pools, I have plenty of folks now on top of my own
    funds that I trade with.

    Ah you don't need the money you steal huh? Then how about you RETURN IT!!

    Decide for yourself, based on your own knowledge of my analysis and
    predictions. It is true that you haven't been with me for long.
    However, it's been long enough to see that I have not only been saying
    WHAT was going to happen ... but WHY it would.

    Additionally, notice that I was the one recommending that you dial
    down your first investment with me. I said you should do that LONG
    before you brought up any complaints about me. How many scammers try
    to convince you to give them less money?

    That should also be a pretty strong indication as well.

    No you recommended that it be dialed down because the full amount would not arrive till Monday, trying to get the $500 out fast before someone could find you out. Pay special attention to this because as he claims he does not care, the next day he will already be pitching something else under the guise of, oh I really don't want you to miss this opportunity.

    However, you have to decide what you'll do and when based on your own
    comfort level. Again, I'm cool with your decision no matter which you
    decide to go.

    Okay I see some of what you are trying to say. I was talking to some of my other friends at work, and one mentioned that he believed you had to be registered/regulated in some way to be able to pool and trade other people's funds. Do you have these requirements or are you exempt some how? Thanks

    The pools I run are MUCH too small to require that any of them be registered.

    I am careful with what I do and say so that I don't have to register.

    HOWEVER ... ALL trading pools, groups, clubs, and so on, OF ANY SIZE,
    are still regulated by the CFTC and I have to comply with those rules
    or else I get federal police at my door. You hear of this happening
    all the time.

    Well get ready cause you're gonna get real familiar with it soon

    Mr. Wall

    Hello again, myself and two friends here at work are considering getting in one one of these pools after some more thought but I do have a couple more questions, is there any way for us to verify that what happened with that first pool or any of your past pools did go as stated? You don't have any kind of testimonials or results posted anywhere that I could find. Also is it possible in any way to observe the live trading for even just a few days to see how things go before laying down any money? Again there is nothing for us to really reference if the success you state is true so that's why I ask. Please let me know any info on this. Thanks

    Case Study: Don Kergil has a case study with someone that I helped.
    http://4sqa.com/proof.swfcontains trading proof and an example that
    I've been doing this for a while (I think this video shows an example
    from a year ago)

    This is my favorite part, the individual that he is using as "case study" was contacted as you'll see below and guess what? He stole that guy's money too! And one of his friends! So the guy he pitches as a case study he stole from. I encourage anyone who asks for proof to independently verify the proof as was done here

    As for seeing the live trading for a few days that lets you see me
    double a return so quickly ... that you can't do because some of that
    involves off-exchange option trades. Because they aren't using an
    exchange you can't see it happen on a PC.

    He also claims he has a new live trading room that is now full, but uh what is someone going to see in this room if you can't see it on a PC? Huh?

    As for a history you can go to Four Squared (FourSquared) on Twitter

    At one point I was giving info that way. That will also give you some
    historical reference as well as I haven't used twitter in quite a
    while for putting out market info.

    Here it is, he said he did not care and then put this out unsolicited

    The times three thing ended and you missed that one. However, I do
    have a way for you to put in 1k (has to be today or tomorrow early
    morning) and get back 2k by Wednesday of next week.

    Same deal as before, you not only get the return, I also explain the
    concept behind the technique then explain exactly how it's done and
    how you can find the same trading opportunities.

    Reply back and let me know if you're interested.

    Mr. Wall,

    Well, I have a problem, I contacted Don from that link you supplied me and this is what he responded with:

    "I've never heard from him again he has never answered any of my emails that I sent. I do not think there is any monies to be recovered. I have basically written it off and moved on with my trading. Let me know if you need any help"

    He also has a friend of his named Michael and he told me you never returned his $3500 from last year. So now I don't know what to think.

    I think you already decided, at least for now, not to do anything. So don't.

    If you stay on my list a little longer and decide to do something
    later then that's fine.

    I realized some time ago that you had little actual intention of doing
    anything. The IP address you used to subscribe with is from an
    anonymous proxy. Your facebook account is so new that a search for
    Andy Dennison turns up nothing, and 4 separate requests to speak to
    you by voice went unanswered.

    Don't participate in my pool. If you want to use the analysis and
    predictions to help your trading then do that.

    So now it comes to an end

    Sorry about the anonymous IP, figured you were tracking them. While I do enjoy our little chats, I guess it's time for this one to end. Don't worry I'll be back. There are a couple of things you can count on Danny:

    1. You will answer for your crimes and we won't stop till we see it.
    2. Until that time we will do everything we can to keep anyone from sending you one penny.
    3. Last round we went easy on you and you left for a bit, but now your back so we see we did not do enough, more to come.

    I learn more and more about your overall scam from each of our chats and don't expect a need to talk by phone as a way to prevent anything, we'll talk by phone next time.

    Have a nice day.

    And there it is, I hope the mechanism of the Danny Wall scam can help others to identify scams in the future, his tactics are typical of all scammers and if you have not figured it out yet DONT SEND THIS MAN MONEY!!!
  2. f-man

    f-man 4Xangels Representative

    Dec 5, 2010
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    Good work vincam!
  3. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    LMFAO!!!! I can't wait to see what the CFTC does when they get around to him. I'll wager the reason Danny keeps trying to steal small amounts from each person is to keep himself small enough to not make himself a priority.
  4. AsstModerator

    AsstModerator FPA Forums and Reviews Admin

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Danny seems to believe all the anti-FPA libel out there on the internet.

    The FPA is based in Los Angeles. If he wants to sue the FPA, he's welcome to do so. Naturally, the FPA will ask for him to provide evidence that any accusations against him are untrue.

    If Danny is a truthful person, he will win the lawsuit. If he's committed a fraction of the actions he's been accused of in the FPA's forums, he will lose the lawsuit and likely end up in jail.

    Hello Danny Wall of 4 Squared Analytics! Are you going to sue the FPA? Better yet, are you going to pay people the money you promised?
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  5. vincam

    vincam Sergeant

    Sep 27, 2010
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    He knows the truth about the FPA, just uses the bogus info out there to try to discredit it, he knows full well what he has stolen. You can see right in there he just completely brushes over the other things out there on Youtube and warrior forum that predate my scam finding. Not to mention when being called out that his "case study" also says he got ripped off he just blows right past it. A true scam artist.

    He's up to a pretty fair amount, around 150k that I am personally aware of, not sure what the CFTC threshold is for action but I hope they are getting close...
  6. MichelAnge21

    MichelAnge21 Sergeant

    Feb 28, 2011
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    Thanks for sharing this. If traders have the patience to read me, I ll now share another story that could be useful for anyone who would be tempted by such offer as a " guaranteed double up ".

    It s about the invention of chess.

    There was a king ( some say in India; some say in Persia ) who was really bored and asked a faithful minister if he could invent a new game. That man invented the chess game. The king was so enthralled with the game that he told the minister he could ask any reward.

    The minister thought for a few seconds and said : " The chessboard has 64 squares. I d like to receive one grain of rice for the first square; two for the second; 4 for the third and so on doubling each time until we get to the 64th square. "

    The king said " What fool ! You could have asked me for much more than a few bags of rice ". And he sent the minister to the accounting office with a written request to pay him his rice.

    The embarrassed chief accountant showed up a couple hours later and said " Your majesty, we made the calculation. We do not have enough rice in the whole kingdom to pay him. In fact, the quantity of rice you granted him could cover the whole Earth with a coat of rice ".

    Now reflect that a man who can guarantee he ll double your money in a few weeks and can repeat the operation in a consistent way, doesn t need your money to become richer than Bill Gates.Why bother trying to get you as a client ?
    #6 MichelAnge21, Mar 21, 2011
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  7. RahmanSL

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    "Now reflect that a man who can guarantee he'll double your money in a few weeks, and can repeat the operation in a consistent way, doesn't need your money to become richer than Bill Gates.Why bother trying to get you as a client ?"

    Likewise a money making EA/Robot/what-ever....Why tell the whole forex world (and the Brokers, of course) about your money making program???

    Makes absolutely no sense...or that programmer is an absolute idiot!
  8. Pharaoh

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    I remember hearing a slightly different version (grains of wheat). It's a good lesson in both compounding and in doubling.

    BTW - Try googling 4 Square Analytics or Danny Wall forex. The threads at the FPA and elsewhere exposing his fraudulent methods are on the first page.
  9. vincam

    vincam Sergeant

    Sep 27, 2010
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    Yeah, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see that....just another load of crap from him that it is pushed down, it's all over page 1 of google, yahoo puts them back one page but they are all there. Wish those would have been there when I searched for this guy, the only stuff I found on him after he ripped me off was buried and very scarce although he had been stealing for years, just seems like most people want to just write it off and move on, not me Danny, count on it :p
  10. MichelAnge21

    MichelAnge21 Sergeant

    Feb 28, 2011
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    Sometimes, the scammers rob the wrong person. That person takes it as a personal offence that is more important than money actually. It takes determination, but you can get the crook when you re willing to spend the time and energy. With a little internet skills, it is surprising how much info and damning evidence you can find on a fraudulent scheme.

    The problem is to get the judicial system to pay attention to what you have to say. Sometimes, you need to contact the authorities in a far away jurisdiction. They answer politely but....

    Even when the crooks are in your own country, you see some of them stealing for years before the Justice will finally decide to do something.

    100 years ago, it was so much simpler: some tar, some feathers...

    Get him Vincam
: danny wall

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