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Problem The Danny Wall Scam In Depth MUST READ!

I am having an issue with a company
I have decided to post my reply here to Jason just so he knows that I have been reading and following what the latest developments are about DW and what I think about it.
First of all, I am the first type of person that Vincam lists as the types of victims that he has come across - the one who won't rest till he is in prison paying for what he has done to people.
When I realized he conned me, I was already into his next scam - DW told us that he was quitting forex and getting into internet marketing because he was making so much more money than trading (he said he already made 100's of thousands of dollars already) - and of course, he would show us how to do it too and take us with him. I really thought DW was a nice guy and believed him. I signed up and he had us (me) fill out a questionnaire and tell him our dreams for ourselves. And I really told the truth on this questionnaire - plus I told him that I wanted to quit my job already so I could stay home and take care of my disabled father. My father has Parkinson's disease and we (my mother and sister and I) take care of him. We all work so we also have to pay for someone to watch him while we are at work. He cannot walk, feed himself, get out of bed by himself, or go to the bathroom by himself. We didn't qualify for coverage of his home aide so we have to pay for it out of our own pocket (as you can imagine, quite an expense). Danny Wall still stole my money. Then, I found the other victms and they told me their heartbreaking stories and it burned me up. It is a horrible feeling, you tell someone your deepest dreams and they take advantage of you and you realize foolishly that they never cared about your dreams but wanted to know your vulnerabilities. It is really upsetting to see he is still hard at work trying to con hard working people out of their money - that is what keeps me fighting. We are just a regular family - we work hard, we don't ask or look for handouts. This was how I got into trading in the first place, to do better for myself and take care of my family.
You had also asked how come he is not at least in prison if we have proof. I contacted the authorities in Colorado and they said in order to have him arrested I would have to physically come and file in his county (El Paso) and to be honest, I felt that this was just another way he took my money - I live on the east coast of the US and I would have to buy an airline ticket, rent a hotel, rent a car, plus I can't just up and leave my family like that - so I instead decided I would file reports online and post to forums telling my story and telling people to watch out for him.
I thank God for forums like FPA because it is the the long post/thread in the warrior forum (internet marketing) that I discovered he was a con man. I had just finished my first (and only!) mentoring session on Skype with DW and two other people, and he hit me up with a "upgrade" on the IM mentoring but it would cost about $2K. I felt confused - didn't he just say he made 100's of thousands of dollars - and here he was seemingly desperate for my paltry $2K - I said okay at first, and he was like laughing and then said "When will you be able to get that to me?" - really pushy. His wife was in the background (and an annoying loud bird!) and all of a sudden she said "Does she know why you pause so long between sentences?" That is when he told me years ago he fell off a cliff and had head damage and that was the reasoning for long pauses (I wasn't even thinking that by the way).
Later I thought the long pauses was because he was thinking about what lie to tell me next! After hanging up with him, I had a funny feeling and that is when I Googled him. The next day, I cancelled and asked for my money back. After a couple of promises to pay me back, he told me to do it myself.
I never heard back from him again except for a couple of auto emails telling about his latest guaranteed pool opening up. That odd exchange with his wife in the background is one of the reasons I think she may be part of his scams.
From now on I will concentrate on our case with the authorities. Out of courtesy for you I will not mention family members and also with the hope that the children are truly not involved. But again, I must remind you, that we have had to mention them because they are seemingly involved - with his wife and daughter's names on the guaranteed pool documents. I will try to still find a copy of the one with his daughter's name on it but I did send a copy of it to the IRS and Chase bank (where the account was held) and thought I made a copy for myself. After I did this, a new agreement was posted with his wife's name on it.
Vincam also mentioned Brendon Burchard. He is an Antony Robbins type life coach and internet marketer - one of your brother's websites was dannyewall.com (since disabled). Vincam and I both contacted him asking him if he was affiliated with this person and he said he never heard of him. He saw the website and told us he would get his lawyers right on it. I don't blame him for being concerned because Brendon Burchard looks like the real deal to me and would not want to be affiliated with a con man. Well, I learned my lesson from before (the Chase bank agreement) and printed out every single page of the website. I will scan it and post it here shortly and you will see Vincam is telling the truth.
Thank you, Jason, for trying to do the right thing. I am sorry I have been so harsh but as you can see, this topic really hits a nerve with me. I promise I will be respectful to innocent parties to your brother's scams.
If all victims were as tenacious as Vincam and Savannah, there would be a lot fewer scammers, or at least a lot fewer of them outside of prison.

Getting the word out to as many people as possible while also bringing the scam to the attention of as many authorities as possible is the best way to shut down people like Danny.
Dealings with DW

Good day
Vincam,Savannah and JWall.
Dear Jason I would be more than appy to make contact with you to discuss my experience with DW.
New to forum so dont know how to make contact and wouldnt like to leave details on open forum.

A few posts up Jason left his Gmail address, you can contact him through that, I would also like to hear from you, you can email me at (dannyvictim at yahoo.com). If he scammed you I may have info on who to contact. Hope to hear from you soon.
Hi Bob - Jason's email address is: jay5245851@gmail.com. He welcomes anyone who were victimized by his brother to contact him. Hope to hear from you soon. I am in contact with Vincam also so please contact him and he will get you in touch with me also.
Thanks Pharaoh - what can I say, we ARE traders - we just don't give up!

If only that were true of all traders. So many others do give up too easily.

I'm glad to see people working together. Joining forces is the best way to deal with problems like this.
Hey - maybe some good is starting to happen - Danny Wall says he is closing down his 4sqa.com 4 Sqared Analytics website!!! Hooray!!! Also the one he created for the fake "Brian Sidwell" one: Brian Sidwell | The Forex Trade Boss (forextradeboss.com) he says he is also closing down. Two down - "?" more to go! My question is when is he going to close down "dannywall.com" ?
He's probably already quietly creating some new "world's best forex trader" websites under new names.

Still, this will at least slow him down a little.
Yes, Pharaoh, I thought of that also. I wouldn't put it past him. This is the only thing he knows how to do - it's not as if he knows how to actually trade.