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Problem The Danny Wall Scam In Depth MUST READ!

I am having an issue with a company
Danny Wall aka Woohiye is back at it, all these years later. He conned my wife out of over $11,000 plus a new Apple computer. He is running various scams, most recently out of Las Vegas, but may be splitting his time in the San Diego area. His Youtube name for his Forex scam is currently Woohiye. He also ran an “eviction service” under his name Danny Wall but he took the Youtube pitch down since I have been on his heels. He posed as a software developer (which is how he scammed my family). I have been in touch with his prior Las Vegas landlord who he stiffed out of several months’ rent and then split. I am currently working to bring him to justice and am seeking any informationn that might be helpful and isn’t readily available with Internet or background searches. You can send any information you may have to one of my team at goglakas (at) gmail (dot) com. Here is his mugshot from an arrest a while back in Colorado.