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Discuss The-Forex-Revolution.com

General discussions of a financial company
Testing Results vary upon broker choice

I am a subscriber to the Forex Revolution for one month now. I have been running three copies of this EA on my forexVPS on three different brokers both 4 & 5 digit. W/O yet being able to endorse the product as winner yet, I can say that you results will vary by huge amounts based upon the broker you choose. the FR website instructions make this VERY clear and provided recommended brokers both USA and non-USA though I wish there were more choices on that.

I can see based upon the FXPRO statement that FXPRO is NOT a good broker for this EA. I have experienced substantial more trades and better result on one broker, while a second broker was a bit better than FXPRO and a third broker on which no trade ever happened over weeks of running all in DEMO mode.

This is NOT an indictment of brokers, it seems that this EA depends heavily upon SMAs and these differ considerable from broker to broker feed. This is just my theory but you should not evaluate the EA except on compatible brokers and I say this because the FR team has been 100% upfront and emphatic about this.

Hope this helps others evaluate the product. I am about to go live myself and will report back in the future live results.