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The four corners of trader development

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by alayoua, Sep 7, 2011.

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    The four corners of trader development

    After practicing an overlapping drill last Friday with my football youth team I reminded one of the seventeen year olds, who I’ve known and coached since the age of five, that the first time we did this drill he was seven. In fact his memory of the drill proved better than mine and he performed it superbly; in terms of timing, weight on the pass, acceleration to be in the right zone, compensating for others’ weak passes, the drill was superbly executed.
    Later on I considered the development of certain players I’ve known since they were no more than infants and how their development paths have all taken different routes and time. Within football coaching echelons we’re often given the advice (from the F.A.) that during childhood the development span of a child could be up to five years, for example, a ten year old could be playing at the overall level of a fifteen year old, similarly other youngsters could still be at the playing level of five year olds.
    The F.A. created some intel on this subject, it was termed “the four corners of development”. Pondering on its merits I decided it would be an incredibly useful exercise to use the stages of development as a reference to reveal how we unconsciously develop as traders.
    We narrow the four corners of development into two areas, consciousness and competence;

    * Unconsciously incompetent
    * Consciously incompetent
    * Consciously competent
    * Unconsciously competent

    These four key development stages are broken down like this: … read the full article
    Forex Trader Development | How to develop as a forex trader | FXCC

    Source: FX Central Clearing Ltd. (FXCC BLOG)

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