The FPA goes Technical

Which of these 4 systems do you think has the most potential to help your trading?

  • Mystikal's Chart Pattern Projection System

    Votes: 15 37.5%
  • Williama's Universal Trading System

    Votes: 18 45.0%
  • Genghis's Yet-to-be-named Strategy

    Votes: 1 2.5%
  • The FPA's Currency Strength Calculator

    Votes: 6 15.0%

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The Forex Peace Army is widely known for free signals for news trading. A lot of people don't know that our members also have some very interesting technical trading strategies.

Mystikal has been showing us his Chart Pattern Projection System since last November. He describes it as

Basically a proprietary strategy that involves projecting prices from trading patterns, which is quite effective during breakout periods in the markets. It tells us to a very good extent, to which direction price is going and how far it might go.

Read all about Mystikal's system here.

About 2 weeks again, Williama showed up in the Forex Peace Army forums with his Universal Trading System that uses a method he claims "traps price" to guarantee profits. He describes it this way.

It has a set of pending orders above and below the current price when you set it up initially in a way that the initial price is sandwiched in the middle within a price range. The calculations are made in such a way that when the market triggers some pending orders and reaches a target at the top or at the bottom of the range, profit is ALWAYS made.

Read all about Williama's system here.

Last week, Genghis caught the FPA's attention by posting a very risky and very profitable strategy that took a $50K demo account to about $1.5 million in 45 days. Can this be real? Would it work on a live account?

Read about Genghis's system here.

One the same day that Genghis showed up, Felix surprised us all by basing his June investment pick on technical indicators, specifically trading a strong currency against a weak currency. The FPA had been planning a currency strength calculator for some time, but Felix didn't tell us that he planned to use it. On Thursday, the Currency Strength Calculator was made available to our members and guests. Now we've got a discussion thread about how best to use it here.

Just a reminder. The FPA has not rigorously tested any of these systems, even Felix's new one. If you want to try out one of these systems live, please trade with very small amounts of money until you have a good idea of how the system works. If you need more details on Risk Management, Pharaoh wrote a very long, but very good article about this subject here.

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How Do We Get To Try The Williama System ?

To Administrator
How Do We Get To View And Try The Williama System In Order To Vote. Do We Down Load It, Or What Is The Procedure?
R. Delage

Shane of Oz

Hi Kids,

Lot of votes....but no-one comments.
I thought I would share the reasons for my vote in hopes of seeing others do the same. Maybe we can spark a good healthy debate. :)

Well, Felix's invention is an indicator...not a system. While it may be of some use in trading, I did not count it as an option in this poll.

Genghis has posted results...but has yet to divulge his system (kind of makes me wonder why it got any votes at all???) - nothing here that can help my trading.

That leaves Mystikal and Williama, neither system has been completely revealed as of the posting of this message....but I think I have gained enough info to make a vote on this poll.

After studying Williama's strategy in depth, it has revealed itself to be a potential account killer. Every trade setup you make with this system has the very real possibility of wiping you out.
Williama seems to have some secret wisdom that steers him to alter his system mid-setup in a specific way so that he ends up safely in profit....I hope that he doesn't make that one single setup mistake that will wipe him out and that he continues on successfully to make truckloads of money. Unfortunately I lack both his 'secret wisdom' and his 'balls of steel' so this system is useless to me.

Mystikal appears to be using indicators that I am familiar with - in a way that I have not tried before. I do not yet fully understand his system, but he has already given me cause to revise and experiment with specific combinations of indicators in my own trading.
In this way he has definitely helped me out, so he gets my vote. Thanks mate....I hope to learn more from your thread.

***transmission complete*** ;)
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Ok...I spent about a half an hour sorting thru Williama's thread, and decided it needed to be shortened. As a result I've already posted at the end of it, but I want to paste the end of it (the summary) here.

The explanation of the system works is:
All you need to know is what a buy stop and a sell stop is. A buy stop is where you 'buy' at a more expensive price than now (at some price in the future.)
A sell stop is where you 'sell' at a cheaper price than now.
Now everyone knows 'sell high, buy low,' and that's why this strategy is tough for people to figure out for themselves. It's easy to understand when you see it though.
Here's a chart with the orders.
Look at the far left, middle of the graph, and you'll see buy orders above the current price, and sell orders below the current price.
This strategy will catch every huge movement that happens, even if your broker is a thief.
Its weakness is the same as with Fibonacci numbers, as you have to choose the reference point yourself. This means not all entry points are equal.
If you're going to give this a try (do it on a demo first) I recommend doing it for range trading, which means that you ONLY enter your trade when it is hitting a peak or trough anyways.

In my humble opinion, despite not testing the system yet, I think the chart that tested the system in the Williama thread or any unsuccessful trading that's based on this system is due to lack of monitoring and poor entry points. The only shape that would nail this strategy in theory would be a widening triangle. That is an extremely rare situation in my experience. Furthermore, if you monitor the price action more, then the likelihood of being constantly twarted before manually intervening at some profitable price point is really low. You can be certain of this, as the distances between the triggered buy stops and sell stops will become greater, and this fact alone makes it far less likely. Lastly, if this strategy makes a habit of this in a certain pair, I find it really unlikely that it will do that in another pair to (so just bail at some point.)
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