The FPA is changing. Welcome to the COLA PEACE ARMY!

Just to check ready you or not for CPA: how much of citric acid needed on 10 gramm of soda to make ideal drink?
If not sure - back to chemistry learning before buying domain name... :)
It's not April first in Tucson, Arizona, yet. At first I thought that COLA might stand for something, then I saw the psuedo-serious reference to the beverage. Hardy har-har. Very funny. =)
Have you legally registered the new CPA with the CFTC (Cola Fans Tracking Committee) and the NFA (No Fizz Association)?

You may be arrested and fined for this.
I don't drink cola or pepsi about a sub-section on beer? It's fizzy, refreshing, and liquid and
Ah,....Silly, stupid me. Missed it by a mile (or as Don Adams would say: "Missed it by this much." Perhaps I should check my calendar. A big DUH. You got me. I'll have to join The Motley Fool now.
LOL What a GREAT APRIL FOOL'S Joke!!!! If it is not, then we need to investigate the pros and cons of Dr. Pepper versus Mr. Pip. ;p