The G strategy


Thought I'd take a few minutes to share with you all one of the oldest, but little talked about FX strategies that has helped me become the pip lord that I am today.

The G strategy, or to give it it's full title the God help me strategy, is in itself a very simple method to learn, and in my opinion should be a part of every traders forex toolkit.

The essential element is of course divine intervention, but more importantly, consistent divine intervention which really is the bit that a lot of traders find difficulty in achieving.

Fear not, I am here to help you fellow pip searchers.

The mistake most make with the G strategy is basically asking for intervention from the big G himself, the almighty. This in some ways is understandable but unfortunately very rarely succeeds. The guy is just way way to busy with other planetary issues such as war, famine and lottery numbers to be effective in todays forex markets.

So where hides the solution?, well the trick is to go for much lower level deities that have got more time on their hands and therefore increase the probability of a positive outcome. Choosing the god that works best for you is obviously a very personal thing. I have had to change several times over the years and adapt my method of invoking aid without delay over and over again. I laugh now looking back at the beginning when I had Artemis and Mithras covering the 1min eur/usd , Amon-Re on the yen crosses and Odin looking for breakouts! Happy days, but things have calmed down since then.

As ever keep it simple, I realise that the G strategy can't be used on demo which is unfortunate and backtesting is of course out of the question, but try it on a micro-lot account first and get to know how your chosen gods and their reaction to certain market forces.

I hope this brief overview of the strategy that's helped me will help you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to put them in a prayer and send them to the usual address.


Have you tried adding in animal sacrifices to improve your rate of return?

New trading instructions:
First, sacrifice a goat. If the liver is clean and free of spots, then go long with TP set to the nearest Fib extension.


Rubin Hood

Ah, the combination of the imaginary world of primitive hordes and the forex market! What could be more effective than that?

Good joke.