The Greatest Rogue Broker Of All Times-instaforex


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Comerades in arms i salute you! The mystery accompanying instaforex's scamming trading account number 68409 is far yet from being over and is just beginning!This fraudsters,thieves and rogue brokers have uptill now deliberately refused to have my withdrawn funds transferred to my account in my bank despite all the effort myself and the FPA investigators have done to ensure the matter is adequately taken care of: the new dimension they have taken is a claim that the the switf code i gave is incorrect to effect the withdrawals of the funds. morethan six times this was the delaying tactics strategies this "sick in the head ,****ed -arse mother ****ers have adopted within two months to abort and frustrate my zeal to take claim of my monies from them;Lately are telephone calls i received threatening me that i cannot do anything to them and i cannot and never get my money and neither me or the forex peace army investigators could do them any thing! they claimed that the forex peace peace army is a toothless bull dog that can only bark but not bite!

Comerades in arms! this situation is getting out of hand and i must warn all of you to please avoid instaforex and if you have already invested with them please withdraw all your monies and any trader wishing to trade with them should please desist from such intentions!

Instaforex has failed to come on this forum to make or challenge this claim! this failure has gone to depict the extent of their criminally mindedness; comerade in arms let me have your say on this matter because an injury to one is an injury to all!