The lies of José Luis Cases Lozano


A few days ago I noticed that José Luis Cases Lozano (Spanish trader, owner of Traderprofesional) commented on his social network twitter that trading robots really only served to swindle people, that they were not useful for making profits in trading and were not a good way to make money either. However, I remembered that when there was the traderdelta website owned by Cases Lozano, he sold tools for robots and robots too, he advertised them a lot and promoted the website through sales until it went out of business. So is this person really a liar? For those who don't know, José Luis Cases Lozano is a person who is quite well known for scamming on the net, besides threatening some forum owners to remove negative comments in his favor, even paying for advertising like any investor.

There are other contradictions regarding José Luis Cases Lozano, the famous creator of the web for traders traderprofesional, let's start by selling a course of almost 600 euros with the date of the last days of June, this course has a rating of 4 stars, it is worth noting that the names of these people do not exist, except for publication on its website, in this web can only comment if you have purchased your course.




There is a lot of superior material that completely exposes the scams of Jose Luis Cases Lozano, it is unfortunate because he has too much popularity in the trading market. Last year a colleague was scammed with the web tradermatica and years ago in 2013 he was scammed with reto20k