The nationwide "delude the whole industry" scam is fully supported by the NFA. Possibly created by t


OK, but remember that you asked for it.

I hereby present Lotus Forex Ltd. They are not only a purveyor of the finest chilled sodas and a representative of Western Union, but they also do forex at the Over The Counter level - literally. :D


That thousand pip spread in the USD/HKD is a little steeper than what most NFA regulated brokers charge. :p
I bet you both think your trading on something other than a game right? That the chart your watching is real.

Certainly- establishing a matrix to conduct trading on would be the best solution. What are you waiting for- or is this website a front for selling reading glasses to blind people.

What kind of person tells someone to look at their vagina in the mirror? What the **** is that supposed to mean? That's so stupid and pointless! What are you... 14?

The questions aren't bias at all.

#3 Is 10 million. It says it on the NFA website. ALL customers with less than 10 million are traded off exchange. If you trade on a platform-your money goes nowhere. No one calls and places a trade anywhere for you except perhaps the broker who plays counter party for them. What do they do with it- feed it into the Simulated trading platform. That doesn't make it any more real.

Tell me who you trade thru and I'll find out what they do that you should be aware of. I'm serious-
Neither of you seem to understand what "retail forex" actually is. It's not what it started out as (a way for non-institutional smaller investors to get to trade in the financial market in the form of smaller lot sizes that brokerages would bundle into institution size trades which were actively traded between brokers and banks etc.) That's changed in the last few years. Over the counter does not mean the guy over the counter trades it for you.Not even occasionally. Over the counter now just means- its traded on a game platform.

#1 Google, investopia. Bing all show that it means "forex transactions are traded on the foreign exchange" Thats why general public thinks its true.

Progress will always happen- and as long as the public is made aware of the changes that are made- its all good. But when the public isn't told- it allows others to bank on their ignorance. are you able to comprehend what I'm saying?

Now - Go observe the underside of your limp d*** with a mirror. See how retarded that sounds!!!


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BigT1 is in his 60's, knows more about NFA regulations than most traders ever will, and is a little crotchety at times. He's earned the right to slap down those who aren't well connected to reality. If you had read his other posts from earlier this week, you would have seen him giving someone advice regarding dealing with a market maker brokerage. Pharaoh wrote the FPA's glossary definitions for both market maker and bucket shop.

I'm certain that both of them would be happy to support LPs forming a centralized exchange. What no one here supports is conspiracy theories, unsupportable trademark claims, and rudeness.


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Especially, when so exquisitely conveyed upon me by the FPA's Resident MadMan. :cool:
Now, I may die in peace.
Before I do though, I feel I must explain to the now banned member and any other readers that might not have understood or took offense at my remarks, first, the definition of a Metaphor, then how my remarks were meant to be understood.
According to Merriam-Webster, a metaphor is:
"A figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy . . . "
They give the example of "Drowning in Money". Everyone understands that this is not a literal statement, and "drowning" in this context is a desirable experience, not a death by suffocation.
In the USA during the 1960's (largely due to the invention of the birth control pill a decade earlier) women were finally becoming free from the historical role of motherhood as a career, whether desired or not. This gave birth (OOPS! another metaphor) to the Women's Movement, which had at it's spearhead (OOPS! another one) the women who chose to call themselves Feminists. A major concern at that time was access to higher education, equal access to the job market, and family planning.
By working and having control of their own incomes, women's choices broadened explosively. Abortion was still illegal until 1973 when Roe vs. Wade became the law of the land. Before that, women had bad choices when pregnant without wanting to be, and feminst desires to control all aspects of their lives demanded a change. These modern women soon realized that they did not even understand their own physiology, and several "Taboo-Breaking" books burst on the scene, instructing women how to learn about their own bodies.
Here is link to an authoratative reference work on the subject: Witnessing[1].pdf
When a new world suddenly opens up to a new group, a new generation, a new culture, wide-eyed expectations coupled with over-enthusiasm, often combines with ill-informed, overly simplied, false, or superstitious beliefs; this often leads the newbie to grave miscalculations. Like the time when I was 21 and a motorcyclist for less than a year, I first drove my 1971 Honda 750K-3 across country, then off a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway at Big Sur. The classic case of a lack of experience meeting up with an unexpected, oncoming, speeding, Volkswagan Bug.
They say that what does not kill you makes you stronger.
Anyway, I digress; back to the women.
The desire to take control of their own reproductive lives led to groups of young women meeting up for the purpose of sitting in a circle on pillows on the floor with their pants off and knees in the air, passing around a hand mirror and a transparent speculum; and coming of age together. As you know, the lives of American women have changed dramatically and permanently for the better during the span of my life, and these influences will surely pass through to the rest of the world during the next such span, as the unstoppable result of the very universal communications network known as the internet, which you are currently using to read me.
My admittedly brazen comparison should be obvious by now. My initial take on our petition-miester friend's scattered, inaccurate, paranoid assertions was that he might benefit from the same kind of self-examination as did our strident, emergent, feminist friends; elsewise, he too might soon find himself at 30 miles-per-hour, airborne, and with nothing but boulders and sage brush 200 feet below, between himself and the ocean; as once did I.
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And, getting back from the land of mixed metaphors, I'll head into simile territory

Using a Bing definition for forex would be like using a common dictionary as a guide to performing brain surgery.

This is the second person getting kicked from the Scam Alerts folder in the last couple of weeks who has a major disconnect from reality. The current Forex Petition super-genius also thinks that putting an air scoop on an electric car could turn wind generators that would generate enough electricity to keep the car charged.

He's also got plans for a perpetual motion water pump. :rolleyes:

Someone was obviously asleep during high school physics class. I can see the name of his blog says it all. :p