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Problem The Next Word In Account Mismanagement

I am having an issue with a company
Rizwan Awan had a great website for Next-Consultancy. His company, Next Consulting Ltd, claimed he had solid returns, that the initial capital would protected, and that money could be gotten back quickly.

About a year ago, one of his clients complained to the FPA that withdrawal requests were not being honored and that there were many excuses made for this. An FPA investigator assisted the victim in coming up with ways to negotiate to solve the problem. Before our investigator ever contacted Rizwan directly, the complaint was withdrawn since the victim thought the money was on the way.

Early this year, we got 2 new formal complaints and a number of negative reviews for Next. The same FPA members who lost so much with IFC also had money with Next Consultancy. It seems that this time, the money was in individual managed accounts at a brokerage, but a total disregard for risk management (promised to the traders) resulted in a total loss. Rizwan's promises to trade back the losses or to return money lost in excess of the trading agreements came to nothing.

A number of negative reviews were withdrawn by reviewers, based on Rizwan telling them that no money would be sent until the negative reviews were removed. Eventually, this got so bad that the FPA's Review Moderators posted a message on the Next Consultancy review page indicating that no more reviews would be taken down unless the reviewers reported actually having issues resolved.

Rizwan Awan made and broke many promises regarding payments. His most recent promise was that money would be available by April 30th, 2009. FPA investigator Gerard let him know that this was his final chance to show at least some sign of keeping a promise. Gerard even offered him advice on faster ways to move at least some of the money. Once he was faced with an inflexible deadline based on his own promises, he stopped replying to emails.

The Next-Consultancy website expired at the end of March and hasn't been renewed yet. We warn traders to beware of Rizwan Awan popping up under a new domain name.

The FPA considers Rizwan Awan to be a scammer and his company, Next Consulting, Ltd., also known as Next-Consultancy to be a scam. We hope that some day he will make good on his promises and repay the money as promised. If that day ever comes, the scam finding will be lifted. Under the circumstances, we consider this to be very unlikely.

Official Scam Finding

Original Complaint thread

Next-Consultancy.com Review Page
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FPA investigators kudos for a well done job for saving investments and investors' funds!. Prima facie, bastards are fraudsters and nonentities from a nondescriptive origin as Rizwan the owner of next consultancy or consulting limited has has beyond reasonable doubt or on the preponderance of evidence has conspicuosly proven to be an investor's hoodoo and a son of a thousand fathers and a fraudulent whore!

You did well by having his monstrous unclever and uncivilized atrocities to investors' funds explicitly exposed to the knowledge of all comeredes in arms and others! your good works in trying to save the the lifespan of investors' investment is valuable and priceless and no investment is valuable enough to purchase its worth! I join all the victims of next"s consultancy in saying what in this world of forex trading and account management can we ever do without you!?

we hope the blessings concomitting your good works will lead to exposing the bad eggs brokers and fund managers fraudulent appetites and conducts soonest!

All the wolves in a sheeps clothing knew themselves and soonest their kingdoms of fraud shall fall and will never rise again!
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Rizwan Awan

Hi all,

I was just passing through this site. I would like to share something abt Rizwan Awan. This guy is Scam since i know him and i visited him personally as well. I have to personally take money from him.
He is a pakistani, belonging from Lahore city. I didnot remember the address exactly but the area of resident is 7up stop, Lahore cantt. One room , 2 computers........thats his office
Whatever i discovered about him, he made trendsfx in 2005 and then he made nazfunds.com in 2005-06 and then this new site which i saw here from which the people are victims.
If anyone interested for tracking him in Lahore, Pk. I would definitely help him to track him down although i m not anymore in Pakistan .
and one more thing , i m not hiding my real name just for the sake if rizwan awan himself go through this post.


Adil Bashir