The "OptionsU Forex Trader" cheat – be aware


My case.
The "OptionsU Forex Trader“ are taking money from my credit card for the services what I have not signed.

The "OptionsU Forex Trader" offered free trial for the 30 days during christmas period 2010.
Unfortunatelly I have signed for their services free trial. During registration was necessary to give teh credit card data. In the receipt the amount for paying was zero. Also no notification about my future obligations.
The results of trading according "OptionsU Forex Trader" signals were negative. About 70% of trades were loosers.
I wrote the e-mail that I am canceling my trial on 17 January 2011.
Also I have made the note about cancelation in their customer support center site.
In my account on OptionsU Forex Trader customer support center apperaed the note that subscription is canceled.
After few days I have tried to login into OptionsU Forex Trader web site but not succesfully.
Also the were not pssible to connect to the OptionsU Forex Trader signals server. The login was blocked.
I was sure that cancelation is done.
I was very suprised when I saw the statement of my credit card. The "OptionsU Forex Trader“ have took money for the two months service.
I have wrote about 10 letters to their support, but they are keeping silent.
The login to the "OptionsU Forex Trader“ customer support center is blocked.
I think they are going to prolong their fraud.

Arvydas Silinga