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Searching For Trading Opportunities - The5ers Live Trading Room

In today's trading room, Alex and Michael showed what is the correct technical approach to managing a trade.
Watch how Michael (Trade The Pool CEO) shorted the NQ (Nasdaq 100) and made a quick $1000.
Understand what are the differences between going on a counter-trend trade from a major level or from an intraday level.
You won't learn it in a book.

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Spoting Trading Opportunities For The Upcoming Week - The5ers Trading Room

In today's trading room, Saul The5ers CEO, Spotted trading opportunities for the upcoming week.

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Can You Beat Michael in His Own Court? The5ers Live Trading Room

In today's trading room, we discussed the best opportunities in the US market and tested Michael's trading skills in real time.

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Getting an Edge With a Bigger Time Frame

In today's trading room, Michael analyzed the European leader index, the DAX, compared it to the NASDAQ 100, and got your requested assets.

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This Week's Markets - Trick or Treat? Live Trading Room

In today's trading room, we covered this spooky week The US market will face the big-name reports - AAPL, AMD, QCOM, SBUX.
Will it be a trick or a treat for FX & stock traders?

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Tharindu is one of The5ers $60K High-stakes funded traders. He is a full-time trader, and he has been paid 3 times so far.

His next mission is to reach 10% of profit to scale his High-stakes accounts to $70K.

We spoke with Tharindu about his trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the markets and our platform as a funded trader.

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Trading Overextensions - The5ers Live Trading Room

In today's session, Saul The5ers, CEO, attempted to make profits from fading the overextensions in the markets.

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Deep Dive Into The Leading Indices - Live Trading Room

In today's trading room, Michael, the CEO of Trade The Pool, dived deep into the leading indices and analyzed the next move.
Like always, he gave tips and tricks and, of course, some live trade ideas.

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JPY: Opportunity of the century? - Live Trading Room

In today's session, Ruben provided an in-depth analysis of the recent fluctuations in the Japanese Yen (JPY) exchange rate. He delved into the factors contributing to the JPY's recent strength, explored the potential drivers behind this movement, and assessed whether the JPY will likely sustain its upward trajectory or if caution is warranted in light of the evolving situation.

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JGeopolitical Drama of Oil & Crypto - The5ers Live Trading Room

In today's trading room, Ruben began by examining the historical impact of geopolitical concerns on oil prices over recent years. He will then offer insights into the expected trends in oil prices for the coming days, considering current macroeconomic factors.

Also, he shifted his focus to the cryptocurrency market. Ruben will investigate recent movements and trends in the crypto space, covering key assets and their price dynamics.

Finally, Ruben shared his trading mindset and strategies for positioning oneself in the cryptocurrency market, offering recommendations based on his analysis and experience.

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