I write this to prevent other people from loosing money

I came across ”The Binary Insider” Website (.:: 14 Beta Tester Spots Available - Make $500 a Day - The Binary Insider ::.).

They offer a free license to make money with binary options.

After watching the video, where they are telling about a winning rate of 85% , I downloaded the software and installed it.

After starting the program it came up with a registration form of Cedar Finance. I filled out the form and got $500 to practice. The practice account is bound to number of trades and/or volume. That means you can do practice trade about 20 minutes to 1 hour. I locked on again with different names to get more practice accounts. All the results were outstanding.

I tried this practice accounts and came to amazing results. 700-800 Dollars in just minutes! And really 90-92% success rate!

I checked in the net and didn’t find any negative posts. Even on YouTube you can find a video about that Binary B...S... insider.

On little thing made me suspicious: when I tried out different things with practice money I saw a buy entry of USD/JPY far, far away from the current price on my MT4. It could never, ever have been so low. Not even for a second! It wasn’t that low the last 4 years!

There was only one way to find out the truth!

The next morning I paid the minimum of 200 Dollars to Cedar Finance to start with a real account. A minute later I got a phone-call from Cedar Finance who asked me if I want the bonus or not. I told them I want the bonus and a few minutes later I had $260 as my starting balance.

As several times before “The binary Insider” EA displayed on the left hand “strong” signals in different green shades and different time-frames (M1, M2 and M5).
As several times before I just clicked on this strong signals and made 10 trades. And – oops- suddenly the success-rate was down to 60%. My pre-calculation told me that it might not be less than 60% to make at least a little money!

I started another 11 trades ( in total 21, see attached screenshot) 10 winners and 11 loosers. The balance down to $226.

Here is the truth: this system is a scam. Do not try it! Don’t even think about it! They want only the best from you: your money !!!

I guess it is either ”The Binary Insider” who gets money (affiliate) from Cedar Finance or it is Cedar themselves who invented the system to catch customers.

Another thing can be seen here: do not trust any EA or Signal Provider on a demo/ practice account. Demo/practice account show you the wrong data.

I hope I could help you to save money.

Many happy trades



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My opinion of anything related to Binary Options continues to slide downward each day.
I agree big scam I signed up with binary insider which goes by many different names but believe me same scam. With the practice account I made $2000 in one day, I go live with a $200 deposit and lost it by the end of the day. First 20 trades won 8 and lost 12 I could do better with my eyes closed.