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Discuss TheCollectiveFXGlobal.com

General discussions of a financial company
Easy to say Rebates stinks, hard to apply....

Well... Gary boy!!

I am too from the school who believes the "Rebates Stinks".... it hurts when the trader has to painfully pay the side commission on the noncompetitive spreads.

How would you rate yourself as compared to the fellow ECN brokers... FX Intelligence | Your Source for Forex Broker Comparisons

Alpari US
& few others

Even, post adding their respective side commissions their cost (spread+commission) is far lower than what you guys offer.
It definitely stinks....

Gary the clown
1 of 1
the other 6 are long gone.
what an obnoxious pc. of crap this guy is.........


I am a member of a group of traders / investors with significant funds deposited with The CollectiveFX, aka The Collective FX Global, aka BDG Financial Services LTD, aka CFX.

As of June 1, 2014, we were informed of the closure of the brokerage. Ostensibly, the reasons given by the operators of CFX were pending investigations by authorities regarding a so called 'white label' trader operating capriciously through the brokerage.

The operators of CFX directed us to request a withdrawal of our funds through their website, following specific procedures. We were assured of the return of our funds within 90 days. We requested such a withdrawal.

To date, no one that we are aware of has received any refund of monies on account and all operators of CFX that we are aware of have disappeared and have offered no communications to us whatsoever. Their website no longer exists.

Furthermore, we are unable to access CFX administrative records in order to document our account balances / trade records for tax and other purposes.

It is our belief that the operators of The CollectiveFX are displaying bad faith and have no intention of refunding our monies.

Our goal, simply put, is the complete return of our funds.

We are requesting any and all members of the CollectiveFX who have funds at risk, to contact us as we are currently considering ‘civil’ court actions and other legal options.

If you also had funds with The CollectiveFX, we urge you to contact us and join our group, whether you have been paid or not. Please contact ‘deweywon at aol dot com’.

If you are someone with the skills and resources to help in this endeavor, please write to ‘deweywon at aol dot com’.