Israeli lawyer and Rep
By Haggai Carmon

Times are different. Binary Options companies don't care what you think of them, nor do they mind if you lodge a complaint with the regulator. Up to a year ago, most binaries fraudsters rushed to settle cases fearing publicity could harm their business. But now? They couldn't care less.

Why? Because they know that based upon experience nothing will happen to them. With thousands of complaints piled with no manpower to investigate, there are only random actions by the regulators when they finally flex a muscle; a fine is imposed here and a warning issued there, but that's just a dent in the scammers' rear bumper. It has no effect on their self-granted license to print money and laugh all the way to the bank. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on, says an old Arabic proverb, probably adopted by the scammers. A lawsuit? Go ahead, make their day. Who do you sue? A company incorporated in the Seychelles, or in a small Caribbean island? And if you do, with considerable expense, they quickly fold their tent and resurface in another location with a new name. Then at trial, how do you prove that the fancy name company actually operated a fraudulent website? And if you go after their principals, how do you prove their personal liability? They know these difficulties, and that motivates their feeling of invisibility.

No so fast buddies. The Israeli Mossad's motto taken from Proverb suggests "By deceit though shall wage war." In my twenty years of undercover intelligence gathering for the U.S government, most of the time as a lone wolf, I applied that principle and went for the jugular.

That's the one thing that the principals of fraudulent binary options companies are petrified off; being publicly exposed. They are afraid of the day that scammed clients, the public and more particularly law enforcement will realize that Beverley Smith is in fact Sarah Brown and Jack Harrington is Vladimir Petrov. Tearing down their false identities removes their main shield from being persecuted and prosecuted. Under Common Law modernized and incorporated into the laws of most countries unauthorized online impersonation: "Knowingly impersonating another person on a website or other electronic means for the purpose of harming, intimidating, threatening, or defrauding another person" is a felony. Rumors say that prison food is not as tasty as the food in first class restaurants the scammers were frequenting wasting their victims' money, and the prison company is impolite, taking everything you have, just like the treatment the scammers gave their victims. Therefore, pure and simple: forget the binary companies, go for the owners.

How do you find them? Well, I consulted Dan Gordon the fictional character of my 5 intelligence thrillers inspired by my undercover work for the U.S government. You should consult him too, call me/him.

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