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Problem They call themselves Clicktrade, I call them clicktraps!

I am having an issue with a company


They call themselves Clicktrade, I call them clicktraps! Never accept their bonus. It is a complete trap. It will effectively deny you to withdraw any profits you make. I was told if I reached a $55,000 deposit limit I could receive a $5000 bonus. The bonus I received simply cost me to lose all my $20,000 profits. I luckily received my original deposit and lost all my profits.

Once you request to withdraw your funds that’s when the real face of clicktraps is revealed. If I summarize the tricks and the traps they use it is basically they put your money in high risk trading, if you lose you take the loss if you win they keep the profits. They have absurd terms and conditions and if they can’t find something from the terms and conditions they will make up rules on the spot to deny you your profits. My account representatives name is Ted Barton. These representatives will mislead, deceive and push you to deposit more money and take maximum advantage of you. Ted Barton is a deceiver, manipulator, liar and cannot be trusted.

In my conclusion, Clicktraps cannot be stopped by writing a bad review. I will not rest until I let everyone who is vulnerable to be targeted know how dangerous they are in deceiving innocent people. Anyone who is willing to participate in spreading the word about these legal scammers, please contact me to find a way to stop them before they strike again on innocent people. There are so many online traders like this and they have different names. They keep calling and calling until they convince you to open an account and deposit a small amount of money.

Please do not accept anyone trying to get you to open an account without doing your due diligence. Please do not let yourself be deceived and be placed in a nightmare.