They Call Themselves True, But They Don't Seem Very Truthful


another scam out of many

Good work at exposing another scam.

My concern is that there are just so many forex scams, I
don't know if you can expose them all in time for some of
your users to subscribe to one and get scammed themselves.

This is a noble undertaking you have taken the effort to
progress, but a considerable uphill battle too.

I urge all to consider trading markets that have more regulation,
find a system, either by purchase, reading books on trading systems,
or on the many websites which cover the subject. Test the system
on a demo for a few months. Don't just jump in with your hard earned
money. Yes there is money to be made, but without proper research
you will only have luck to go on. For some luck might be enough, but
eventually all luck takes a break, and that is when your hard work will
have to be there to back you up.


Why did they choose the word "TRUE" for their work? How ironical!!
I hereby move the motion that "Truefxsignal" be known and addressed as "Falsefxsignal" in the forex world. Any supporter out there?


The results last week went into a close to 500 pip drawdown and ended the week with a -428 pips. The good news is that in the last two days the made close to +700 pips and made up the drawdown and are currently up about +300 pips for the month. its been a real roller coaster ride with them for the past couple of weeks with instability in the markets. Will update again at the end of the month.