they have stolen my money....

Hans Peters

I made my first investment with SecureInvestment, $1.000. In their rules they promis to refund the initial payment and the profit in any situation. But they don't.
After i request a withdrawel, they didn't pay anything. I send a supportticket which is never been answered. I asked to refund at least my initial amount but they were not at home really. After several requests they send me a meassage that my money was funded in my Liberty Reserve account and deleted my account. Until now, the money isn't in my Liberty Reserve account. So, is this a really scam?


Without even trying to look up the website, I'll make a few educated guesses.

I see "investment" and "Liberty reserve" but not the word "broker"

Let me guess...

Do they offer a VERY high daily or weekly return on your money? Perhaps things called something like Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. Much higher returns if you invest more? A referral program for bringing in new victims to join you?

If so, it's a HYIP. Your money is gone. Read this to see how you got hosed:


Ponzi Schemes

I read ur article on the subject matter and just like others,i commend u for the analysis.It was educating especially for those who want to get rich without hard work.

I quite agree with u that Mr Hans Peters may have been a victim of free money trap.