- Cant see its client making profit.


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You do realize that the complaint was filed in 2012 and the guy who complained never came back after ThinkForex posted, don't you?
Thanks for pointing out that this is the complaints thread. I did not know. I was in another section of your website, used your search box, searched for thinkforex, and landed here. Forgive me for pointing this out, but I find your site navigation, when it comes to searching, to not be the most intuitive. I run some discussion groups on the web, and am member of some (like and some linux forums), and I can't quite recall any getting me so mixed up.

I really thought that I landed in some random discussion thread, and only intended to update information on the broker. Please, feel free to remove my posts... from what you're saying, this thread should have been closed and I should have placed a contribution under a different thread.