This is a complaint against CAESAR TRADE


I requested a withdrawal of all my funds from my account. This started at the end of May. I complied with all the requests that they made with regard to documents required. Then the delaying started. I e-mailed them several times, and had several chat sessions with them. They seemed to want to place every obstacle in the way of my withdrawing the money. Finally on July 21, they reimbursed only part of my funds, but withheld $943 US. There has never been an explanation for this move, nor is there any justification. I have tried contacting them by e-mail and by chat ever since -- my latest e-mail to Mr. Harbor himself was in late September. I tried several times to contact them by chat. They first indicate that "hey we are on line and would love to speak with you". After entering the message they ask for, we are told "please held for an agent to join". Some seconds later we get the same notification every time: "we don't have an available live chat agent at this time. please leave us an e-mail". This happens at any time of the day or night. Their chat service now seems to be a sham. And they have not answered most of the e-mail messages I have sent them.

Funds that are sent my credit card and reimbursed also via the credit card. The indicate on their website that reimbursement via credit card should take 2 or 3 days -- in some exceptional cases up to 20 days. I waited over 50 days before I obtained part of my funds reimbursed. I have prepared a very complete file for my credit card company that is looking into this also. I am attaching some pages from that dossier: (1) Caesar Trade's report of the status of my account as of June 30; (2) Mr. Harbor's acknowledgement that I had made a request for a transfer of my funds from the trading account to the landing account, which is the first step in the withdrawal process; (3) A chat transcript (2 pages) concerning the long wait for a response to my withdrawal request; (4) my complaint that I had received only a part of my funds; (5) Another chat transcript which acknowledges my complaint.

After that transcript, it has been impossible to reach them in any way.

I would be grateful for any help that you could provide.


P.S. I t seems that I cannot upload picture files. How can I get these to you?


Once you figure out attachments, go ahead and leave a 1 star review and open a Traders Court case.


Seems this complaint has no follow up. Caesartrade has not been classified on FPA as a scam yet, even though many are complaining in the review section...