This is scammer? -


I was cheated my money and try found someone help

I found

Our Organization is well Licensed and it has been approved by a lot of regulatory bodies such as NFA, FCA, U.S.SEC and lot more.


Note: We will get your profits and all that you have lost by force from your broker and if care is not taken we will close down the company for misleading citizens and depriving them of their hard earned money. You still have right for many more benefit after the case has been won, benefits like bonus and added profit, so no matter the amount you lost, we believe the total amount to be refunded will be 10times bigger because in many cases we have won so far we found out that this traders siege profits because they made more than your expectation making them greedy to release traders profit. So we kindly await your reply to know if you ready to proceed.


It's a very obvious recovery room scam.

The domain name was first created on 2021-02-22 (and they only paid for 1 year, probably because they don't plan to keep this website running very long). Isn't it amazing that barely a month later they claim to represent 35% of the asset-based lenders in the US. BTW - Asset-based means that collateral is offered. Online scams don't use collateral, they just collect money from you and don't care where it came from. In that same month and 2 days, they claim to have 6243 happy clients.

Google this piece of text from one of their reviews, make sure to include the quote marks:

" I invested with over $600,050 USD, and was unable to make withdrawals of my deposits let alone my gains"

Funny how many recovery sites had someone report that same very odd $600,050 amount. ;)

Of course, they claim lawyers with no lawyer names or law firms mentioned. I don't see a claim about NFC, FCA, and more. Please post a screenshot of that claim.

Also, ask them for their registration number with all regulators they claim to be with. Post the answer here.