Thomas Kralow University SCAM FAKE results


Truth will definitely win in the end and your hate will loose! :DD
Thomas has a great program and he did a huge job creating it! He is not scamming people, he provides very useful information and he loves his students! The thing is that I already mentioned you have the problem not the program!

And you are still the only one + your few fake profiles who didn’t provide any proof of being his student! :DD

If you are a successful student, why not prove your success with something verifiable. You could post a verified MyFxBook account. Alternatively, you ask if anyone skeptical of the Kralow's university in this thread will meet with you in person to take a look at the success in your live trading account.

Or you can post some lame spreadsheet and act offended if everyone doesn't consider that to be valid evidence. :D


Also, if you were really profitable, you would jump at the chance to show off your success by allowing doubters to take a peek at your real account during a live meetup. Then you could sign them up under your affiliate link (or directly if you happen to be Thomas Krawlow/Tomass Krilovs and not just one of his affiliated stooges). Instead, you fall straight back to the overdone scammer tactics of pretending numbers you typed are evidence and mindlessly attacking anyone who dares to doubt your so-called financial guru.
Well said!


Saw you guys bash TK and decided to drop a line. Hopefully nobody will mind. I am personally his student and am more than satisfied with the course. I have taken 4 courses before from the biggest names on ig and youtube, some of whom had millions of followers. And I can tell that those courses were maybe half as good (or less) compared to the one that Thomas provides. His course is bloody AMAZING! And I am not someone who is excited because he just entered the world of trading. Been around for a while. And am at stage 3 of practice with everything Thomas has taught me. It took me a long freaking time to align everything properly. But each stages is showing better and better systematic results (among 950 trades in total, not 20).
As for him selling courses, so what!? Follow him on youtube, he discloses all of his plans, unlike everyone else. He even discloses how much he makes from what. Real bloody transparency. Its quite strange to read such illogical lines from another fellow TK student. Thomas makes at least 1 million per year from his education. And from what I understood, he is just getting started. So wouldnt you sell courses for an extra few million dollar yearly income? Even if you make 9 million from whatever else in the past decade (1 million per year at best)? What a an irrational comment. I mean, sure, but do you guys have any logic and common sense!? He already has thousands of students. While the project launched last year. Do the bloody math for gods sake. He isnt selling 10$
forex courses to 50 people per month.
And just to note that Thomas is against forex in general, so I am a bit confused why this thread is here at all.

the only reasons why I can think of someone hating Thomas are a) jealousy, d) competition (he really is the best in the world of trading education as far as I am concerned), c) own unrealistic views of this job. Perhaps the author of this thread falls under (c)? Thomas does not promise anything. He actually says that its a hard job. Hes automatically not a scam because of this fact. Furthermore, I am not really sure what else you were expecting to learn besides all that there is inside that massive 4 months long course!? Once again, I am very happy with it, with what I learned, with how it works, with the logic behind it, and with the level of complexity. Sure, perhaps you could add something to it. Maybe a deeper volume profile or more fundamentals. I am very inclined to agree with Thomas though. It will make things a lot more complicated and could lead to worse results. But you can try if you so wish. It works for me just fine the way it is. Perhaps you wanted to learn something that would make you money day in and day out with zero effort!? If thats what you expect, I would suggest quitting trading all together because its not for you, things that you are looking for do not exist. There is only hard work and nothing else. Thomas does a great job f explaining it and thats a great way to prepare for the markets.

Imho blaming everyone around you for your own impatience and failure is not the most efficient thing to do if you want to get somewhere. Thats why I decided to offer my own view to what Thomas is offering. If you see him as someone who is selling you a million dollar income within 3 weeks of time, your anger is probably justified. But in that case you should check your facts because he is not, I wouldnt buy anything from such a lier. Marketing is marketing, cars, etc. Why? Thats what people buy, and thats what sells. Its a business for gods sake, wake up. But as you get acquainted with his material and himself personally, you understand that you are dealing with something super realistic and something that will give you an edge in the markets compared to other educators.
And yeah he is going for the billionaire status, I am also following him everywhere. He will definitely get there within the next years and will become the first one to document his journey on youtube. He has a very defined plan of how to get there. His education is just a small piece of the whole puzzle. So what? How does this define him? Seems to me as pure hate with no basis guys :( Hes trying to make a difference and I personally like the guy, even beyond his education. He has an insane view to life and there is so much to learn from him. With an open mind, not a hateful one. Follow Thomas on YouTube for a while and read between the lines, you will be surprised about the amount of value he brings to the world. Good luck.
You're saying that Thomas is against forex, well when i messaged him asking about forex he said that is a good place for a trader to start because you can make money fast trading forex. (thats what he said)


I am ashamed to admit it but I got scammed out of $2,480 by Thomas Kralow University

One of the worst programmes same things repeated over and over same stuff I have seen on the most basic forex websites and I think all his trading results are photoshopped.

Claims on his website he has made $9.15 million in trading profits but when I asked Thomas Kralow for them he sent me that link above.

Just some pictures of statements – looks photoshopped to me, am I misreading it?

Have heard nothing back from his team despite numerous requests to refund the money has just ignored me despite a 30 day guarantee I guess he needed it for the oil change on his Ferrari.

Has anyone else come across this guy Kralow? Constantly saw him popping up on my facebook and Instagram showing fast cars like a Ferrari and nice house and was silly enough to fall for it.

Worse thing is I can’t even go on any website without his scam popping up, his adverts even pop up on the corner of my email page. I even went on my gym webpage to book a class and there you go Thomas Kralow and his Ferrari pop up. It’s like he is following me everywhere showing his fast cars which I am guessing my course money is paying for and I can't stop the ads. But when I want answers about his fake results nothing.

The Thomas Kralow Trustpilot looked good but someone told me he has just paid for all those fake reviews.

Can any one tell me whether they have come across this lifestyle guru’s adverts and been as foolish as me to send him money and whether he has really made millions from trading or is it just another scam.

These things happen unfortunately - I'm sure everybody coming into the Forex industry has been scammed before realising. I've been there myself.

Just don't trust these people in future - they pay for fake reviews, especially on Trust Pilot.


Private, 1st Class
Ok, does TK have verified results like MQL or Fxbook or Fxblue ? If he doesnt have it then whats the point people believe on him ?


  • I signed up for and paid for one of Thomas Kralow's courses. I also paid extra as I picked the option where you have the help of an online assistant who marks and gives feedback on your homework and can help answer questions. I found the content legit as it helped me tremendously on understanding charts, certain indicators, but I realized much of the content can be sourced free on youtube. In terms of actually giving your knowlege on how to trade, I found this aspect was deficient from the course. You are actually introduced to Thomas's own trading method and strategy, but what's presented in the video tutorials doesn't appear to be enough to become competent in actually trading and using his strategy. Once your course is up, you have the option of paying further money to continue getting help with your trading education. Maybe this is the way the course is set from the start. You pay money to be taught how to trade. What you are taught is not enough to become proficient in trading, so you end up paying extra money for further education and help.