Thomas Kralow University SCAM FAKE results


Truth will definitely win in the end and your hate will loose! :DD
Thomas has a great program and he did a huge job creating it! He is not scamming people, he provides very useful information and he loves his students! The thing is that I already mentioned you have the problem not the program!

And you are still the only one + your few fake profiles who didn’t provide any proof of being his student! :DD

If you are a successful student, why not prove your success with something verifiable. You could post a verified MyFxBook account. Alternatively, you ask if anyone skeptical of the Kralow's university in this thread will meet with you in person to take a look at the success in your live trading account.

Or you can post some lame spreadsheet and act offended if everyone doesn't consider that to be valid evidence. :D


Also, if you were really profitable, you would jump at the chance to show off your success by allowing doubters to take a peek at your real account during a live meetup. Then you could sign them up under your affiliate link (or directly if you happen to be Thomas Krawlow/Tomass Krilovs and not just one of his affiliated stooges). Instead, you fall straight back to the overdone scammer tactics of pretending numbers you typed are evidence and mindlessly attacking anyone who dares to doubt your so-called financial guru.
Well said!