Tickmill SCAM! Offers invalid WTI price in close only mode, wrong price execution for all bigger trades


Update on my complaint.

Still waiting for results of investigation from FSA regulator. They keep postponing to give me concrete response, very annoying, but hopefully everything will be solved soon. Expecting results next week.

Will post any important update.


Tickmill threatens with legal action against me because I am exposing truth here how they damaged me for $35 966. Bully behavior by frauds! Here is their email about it which they sent me today:

`Tickmill threat.jpg

Here is my respond to them on this threat:

`Tickmill threat 2.jpg

I must repeat, their explanation is completely FALSE and WRONG which I proved with undeniable proofs which can be found in this thread. If Tickmill has anything to add or to prove me wrong about my claims how they damaged they are welcome to write here any argument they see fit. I am going to crush it. I have truth they have nothing!

It is so clear what happened here in my WTI case and Wrong execution case and truth is visible for any serious trader.

I strongly advise anyone to stay away from doing business with Tickmill. They are frauds!

I kindly ask ForexPeaceArmy administrators to mark Tickmill Ltd with SCAM label, because that is what they deserve. Stop marketing this SCAM company on your site, you are doing doing bad thing to your name as most respected site for broker's review. @FxMaster @4evermaat

@Tickmill you are welcome to respond.

Until your debt toward me is paid in full, $35 966, my cases stay active. I am going to do everything I need to do to take my fairly earned funds from you! This ends ONLY when you pay me my funds. Think I am clear with that.


There is still no progress on my case, Tickmill still did not pay funds they owe me. FSA regulator is working on my case and they are still reviewing data both Tickmill and me have sent to them. They are very slow, but hopefully their investigation will be completed soon and Tickmill pushed to pay me my funds, $35 966.

Will post any important update as soon as I have it.

Also, FOS and FCA regulator agreed to help me to recover my funds if FSA fails, even though my account is not under FCA jurisdiction.

This scam from Tickmill for under pricing of WTI is going to cost them! Frauds must be punished!
I'm very interested to see what the FCA can offer in a situation like this. If they help and it is concrete, it can set precedence that if you go with a broker in an unregulated country, if it has a license that counts in another country like ASIC or FCA, then that is better for the customer if pressure can be applied this way.