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I have been trading for over 12 months now and through a lot of hard work, commitment and good money management, I have found my edge in trading and over the last 4 months my trading account has grown by 37%.

I would like start my own signal service shortly and will be starting a course on how to create an online business shortly. It will take a few months before I start my own website and go through the official FPA signal testing.
In that service of mine I will provide signals via SMS and email.

While all that is in works at the moment I would like to post my signals for free so that fellow traders and FPA can judge the quality of these signals.

Now coming to the signals and how to trade them. In Every signal I post, I will provide the following:
Entry Price, Stop Loss, T1 and T2

So for example this morning I took a short trade on the EURUSD. This is how I would have posted the signal.

Entry Price (EP) - 1.4350
Stop Loss (SL) - 1.4410
T1 - 1.4320
T2 - 1.4290

As you can see from the above signal there are two target levels T1 and T2.

If you aim for T1 the Risk:Reward ratio is 2:1

If you aim for T2 the Risk:Reward ratio is 1:1

In my weekly reports I will be posting results for T1 and T2.

You can decide which target level you prefer.


1) If you are trading with real money please do not risk more then 2% per trade. Even though I will be providing signals from only High Probability setups, we will have losing trades and the aim is to stay in the game. Through good money management and great psychology i.e. being patient the aim is to be profitable in the long term.

2) At the beginning of every month you must decide whether you will aim for Target level T1 or Target level T2. I have good strike rates with both of them but I have been aiming for T1 in the last 3 months and it has done me well. I wouldn't suggest aiming for T1 in some trades and T2 in others. That won't give consistent results and to me that is an indisciplined way of trading. A good trader will remain committed to his/her rules.

3) If you choose target level T2, then you must decide at the beginning of every month whether you will move your Stop Loss to breakeven when T1 is hit or it will remain unchanged from its original position. If you decide to keep the stop loss unchanged then that means you will remain in the trade until you are stopped out or target level T2 is hit.

While I aim to provide signals from only high probability set ups, losing trades will be inevitable. I would therefore suggest you demo trade initially until you feel comfortable. There will also be times when the market provides no good setups and therefore no signals will be posted. Please try taking the signals as soon as they are posted.

Remember the very best of traders lose trades, the very best of horses lose races and the very best of sportsmen/women lose matches.
Therefore please refrain from unnecessary complaining or moaning.

Our aim is to grow our account by :
a) small increments
b) power of compounding
c) accepting our losses and not letting it exceed 2% per trade

I think I've said it all. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

If I can think of anything more to add then I will certainly do so.

Good Luck



Master Sergeant
sounds great

Good luck and many pips! I will be following along(for fun at 1st) and have one wish: include the type of trade 1st so my brain doesnt have to do any math?

EUR/USD - short @1.4350

and the rest down here somewhere.
This is only a request of course but it helps me instantly know where I am going?
Cheers and hope you do well- Ernest:)

PS- if you could add me to any auto email list that would be the bomb! ernestinla@gmail.com