Titan Trade


Titan trade is scam one of the biggest, does anyone know who owns Titan trade and his email address I have a story to tell him to F off and stop this daylight robbery business
Or does anyone have Simona Weinglass email the times of Israel reporter on binary options I have s big story to tell her
Thank you very much Titan Trade have scammed
me of 100K let alone the unpaid profit of another £120K saying that someone else was trading on my account from Phillipines or Cyprus. I have never been to Phillipines and don't know anyone from Phillipines. Moreover after making me do a turnover of 12billion enetuslky reduced to £825 K
and loosing a lot of money in the process because they were providing me with crap trading signals. Anyone know this Guy Galboiz email?? Or that of Simona Weinglass the investigative reporter for the Times of Israel as these are crimes against humanity and broad day light robbery and shouldn't be happening to innocent civilians
TitanTrade already marked as a scam Broker based on Trader`s vote and scamming cases. You can read more here https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/11394/www.titantrade.com

Now, come to the solution of your problem, If you deposited your money via credit card then contact the credit card customer care asap and ask them to file a chargeback OR Contact Rebecca here WinChargeback, she will help you to get back your money.

You can also share your story on their social media pages mentioned below to draw their attention to your issue:






Note: Don’t forget to update your review/s when you got solution of your problem
Thank you very much your email is very helpful. I will keep updating all on this story crazy how a company can think it will just scam you of 100K and even get away with it!!
Hi you have made my day I have been googling in vein thank you so much I will update you with the outcome