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Discuss TIXFX.com

General discussions of a financial company


Hello, i stating using TIX FX .COM this week i make a deposit and i want to know if someone can give me information about this broker.
thanks for any information


i just talk to them because i asked for a withdraw but one men call David Lino insult me and sais that they dont doing to give my money back because is manage fees


here is the convestation:
[7:32:11 AM] David Lino: ??????????????????
[7:32:32 AM] David Lino: WE NEED TO SPEAK ASAP
[7:32:40 AM] David Lino: I AM DEAD SERIOUS
[7:32:48 AM] David Lino: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE
[7:33:05 AM] David Lino: 1 K YOU THINK YOU OWN THE WORLD
[7:33:15 AM] David Lino: YOU MUST BE CRAZY
[7:35:18 AM] bibian singh: i don't have time Mr Lino i juste want dthe 1K back and that it
[7:35:19 AM] David Lino: i HAVE MILLION USD ACCOUNTS
[7:35:23 AM] David Lino: NO
[7:35:26 AM] David Lino: YOU WILL NOT
[7:35:28 AM] David Lino: OK
[7:35:34 AM] bibian singh: i don't like your service
[7:35:46 AM] David Lino: you dont like my service
[7:35:52 AM] bibian singh: bad service
[7:36:05 AM] David Lino: i will give you another account
[7:36:11 AM] David Lino: maanger
[7:36:21 AM] bibian singh: no ssuport no training
[7:36:31 AM] bibian singh: no loss back
[7:36:41 AM] bibian singh: nothing really bad service
[7:36:58 AM] David Lino: you will not get not even one cent back
[7:37:04 AM] David Lino: three month perfromance
[7:37:16 AM] David Lino: I will assign another account manager