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Alright. Sounds good. Don't forget to update your review here

Well, @FPA Forums Team @AsstModerator I guess you know what to do now

@Vantage FX Do better please

Congrats @4evermaat
You have a big heart, indeed. Respect.

As for Vantage, I hope everyone who considers depositing, reads this thread first. Trading with regulated broker actually doesn't mean that much and is overrated. Better then nothing but not good enough.


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Hello ,id like to inform everyone that i agreed to a settlement with Vantage Markets , of the amount they owed me that was 78000 EUR Vantage offered me a settlement of 30000 EUR and we reached an agreement on that amount. I have been trying to be in contact with them since April , they were ignoring me for weeks as a result i panicked and i asked support from 4evermaat who is from Forex Peace Army team . I was guided by him and as result he got the attention of Vantage Markets , he fought on my behalf and got them to pay 30000 EUR as a settlement .I would like to thank him for everything he has done for me , he supported me in all forms and has helped me to see life more clearly in fact he saved my life .Going to the court would have dragged for 7 years with a very big chance of loosing but 4evermaat helped me within a period of 3 weeks , i would like to thank him again and inform everyone that with his support i have bought my daughter a house and assisted my family with other things.

Just want to confirm that your case is fully resolved. I think it is based on what was said here...but just to be sure.


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I will say that I hope Sarah does speak with a crisis counselor or equivalent regarding her emotions around this issue, but I'm not going to let the thread turn into a debated over that issue. I also want to point out...

This thread is about assisting Sarah in her efforts to deal with a complaint against Vantage-FX.

I've just removed several posts. Remember that Scam Alerts threads are considered to be on-topic threads. Please focus on the primary issue.

This is your second warning.

Regarding the part of your erased message about lack of evidence in the thread...

Several FPA members were also in touch with the OP behind the scenes and helped her to negotiate with the broker. The broker has access to all evidence and chose to reach a settlement before the public discussion progressed further. Traders Court rules regarding increased weight on reviews are tied to several things, including evidence presented by the OP, so the review associated with this thread was nowhere near maximum weighting. Had a settlement not been reached, more requests for evidence would be appropriate. Since one has, the only remaining FPA concern is whether or not to mark this thread as fully resolved.