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Discuss TomsEA.net (Tom Flora, Dustin Pass)

General discussions of a financial company


what setting

I have Tom's EA version 1.83. It was sent to me free as a Beta tester. which I never get those types of things ever. LOL In the set up video it says to attach it to 1 Min. charts only, you say you have yours on the hourly. Don't you get a warning that your on the wrong timeframe, like the start up video mentioned? Also what setting are you at, the 1, 2 or 3 setting?



calssified as Malware containg a Trojan

I dld Tom's EA and my Avira (Free) Antivirus classified it as Malware:

A listing of files alongside their results can be found below:
File ID Filename Size (Byte) Result
26369189 TomsEAInstall.exe 2.59 MB MALWARE

Please find a detailed report concerning each individual sample below:
Filename Result
TomsEAInstall.exe MALWARE

The file 'TomsEAInstall.exe' has been determined to be 'MALWARE'. Our analysts named the threat TR/Gendal.KD.381907.2. The term "TR/" denotes a trojan horse that is able to spy out data, to violate your privacy or carry out unwanted modifications to the system.Detection is added to our virus definition file (VDF) starting with version

On "Tom's" web page of I couldnt find any link to let him know, so may be her readds it here.



Hello Guys

Let me add my 50cents here whoever added this statement to FPA are doing it wrong. With 5k initial deposit You should trade on 2 pairs - EUR/USD
GBP/USD , set risk level on 2 for EUR/USD and to 1 for GBP/USD.
Also, make sure that EA is trading micro lots ( acc should be micro, and broker should allow to place trades as low as 0.01 )
With this setup EA will trade 0.01 - 0.05 lots on 2 pairs and it will show you way better overall results
Trading 0.1 lots on account that small is too risky, because upon first big DD you will fell off into a margin call

also, current version of EA is 1.88, 1.89 should be released soon.


after 27 days
so far on live account mine has increase my $11000 balance to $11768 but open trades are $732
so its up about $40 at the moment.
I suppose it must be due to trading in December as it appears to be making quite impressive recovery after the fomc news shot everything down.
waiting for 2nd month of money back guarantee period to see if it actually makes money or not.

will update here once it either makes some real money or not.


BestForexEA.eu Representative
Just an extremely overpriced martingale. I guess the vendor is trying to get as many clients as possible before his accounts are blown. I’m staying well away from this.
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seems to be safe to keep trading - balance now at $12178 and equity $8875 with open trades at -$4303 on 8th of February 2012


OK, here are my experiences. I bought this EA through Dennis Pass and am testing it since Nov 7, 2011.

On a live acct it has been making 4.1% per month with standard settings (30K account, 4 pairs with risk = 2 each, total risk = 8).
Also I have been running two demo accounts with higher risk settings (higer than advised). Both demo's started $100K, one with 6 pairs x risk2 = total risk 12, one with 6 pairs x risk 3, total 18. They have bigger draw downs, but much higher returns: number one made 9.6%, number two made 12.6%. So a LOT higher, which makes me wonder.
There is also an official live account here: Tom'sEa WPFX LIVE System | Myfxbook. That's showing
Recently I started a new demo mimicking the live account, to check how trades compare and if the broker makes somehow a living off this EA.

Also, we have to be cautious, as this EA obviously has martingale properties, but so far so good.

And by the way, recently Dennis Pass started a program called Profit Agent. That's more of a managed account. The engine is in fact the very same EA as "Tom's EA".
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Irfan Shaikh

Hi Anish,

I think we can discuss about this EA Performance etc, as I have already bought it....c mail me.... shirfan99 hotml....