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My patience has run out thus this post.

I'll make it brief - 12 October of 2008 I signed up for a trial of the automated signal service at a cost of USD 199.00.

The system had flaws therefore Cindy - who presumably owns the site - granted everyone an extension to allow further evaluation.

Before the extension was over I regularly cancelled my subscription and requested a refund. More or less at the same time a renewal was erroneously processed and duly reimbursed - however - to this day I still have not recieved my original USD 199.00 back

for some time I was simply ignored -

1) then I was told that I had not cancelled within the terms

2)then that her merchant would not allow her to process a refund as too much time had passed (no wonder - she had blatantly ignored my refund request)

3) then that she would offer me a free trial period of her reviewed system - which I declined

4)then that she would again try to find a way to get my money credited - I also offered her the option to send the money to my paypal account

5) then AGAIN she offers my a free trial period of her system - but of the money no trace.

My final deadline to recieve proof of the amount being credited to my card was May 25, 2009.

Having not recieved anything - I've decided to go public.



cancel card

the simple best stress free thing to do
is cancel the card and get another one with a new number.
i do it all the time when i feel i am being scammed by a purchase i made.
they cant charge anymore and the problem is solved


the issue is getting my original money back - not other charges.

anycase let me give you the long version so as to offer you a better understanding of the BS this company is all about.

On 12 October of 2008 I signed up for a trial of the automated signal service at a cost of USD 199.00.

On 8 November apparently a renewal charge was processed in error - and I recieved an email stating that it would be refunded (if charged - I was not) along with an extension equal to the amount of days from signup to 29 October 2008 when everything was fixed (system had bugs) - in my case - having signed up on 12 October 2008, my trial period would have ended on 12 November PLUS 17 days (29-12=17) thus final date to cancel and get full refund was, at that time, 29 November 2008.

On 26 November 2008 I regularly sent my cancellation and requested the refund as per the terms I had been given in the previous email.

On 27 November 2008, I request an aknowledgement to my cancellation

On 29 November 2008, I receive and email granting an FURTHER 30 days free evaluation - this having already cancelled!

On 12 December 2008, I confirm my cancelllation and request once more a refund of the USD 199.00

On 15 December 2008, I am told subscription will not renew until 29 December so to keep trying the system... then another email 3 minuted later that ,y subscription was cancelled and refunded but I could continue using the system until December 29, 2008 (how nice)

On 29 December I get charged another USD199.00 (!!) I immediateley write an email requesting a refund and start wondering whether I had ever receieved the refund of the original USD 199.00 (which I had not)

On 31 December 2008 I recieve proof of a refund for USD 199.00 (pertaining to the charge of 29 Novermber) and I recieve an email stating once again everything had been refunded. I request confirmation that the original USD 199.00 had been refunded as well

On 1 January 2009 I receive an email statiing that it had been processed to which I request proof

On January 2, 2009 I receive an email with a refund bearing the exact same timestamp as the on processed on 30 December (18:50:26)

I decide to wait to see if something shows up on my credit card - it doesn't other than the single refund of the erroneous renewal.

On 26 February 2009 I state I have only received one refund and to furnish documentation regarding the second.

On 28 February 2009 I get another email with the exact same refund as before to which I reply asking where the refund of the ORIGINAL USD 199.00 was.

On 3 March 2009 I get an email stating that in order to get that refund I woulkd have had to cancel before November 12, 2008 having signed up on October 12, 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that same day I reply stating that was not what had been told us and attached all her emails pertaining to the extensions (17 days plus 30 days)

On 18 March 2009 having still not recieved a reply I threaten to report her if I don't have a reply on the matter - she repiles she has been pout of office and will look into the matter

On 27 March 2009 I am forced to write yet another email giving her until 31 March 2009 to comply

On 2 April 2009 I recieve a request for all the emails from the cancellation

On 6 April 2009 I rerequest the refund having cancelled within the terms but had never recieved it

On 9 April 2009 I am told I only recieved one refund because the guarantee was only valid 30 days to which I replied (same day) stating she had specifically extended that term by 15 days and thus I had cancelled withing tose terms (not to mention the extra 30 days she gave on 29 November 2008)

On 11 April 2009 she offers me an extra 2 months trial for free...(If i wasn't entitled to a refund why do that?!?)

On April 14, 2009 I refuse and demand the refund.

On April 15, 2009 she replies stating her merchant will not allow her to process it, because it's too old. I reply stating that it isn't my problem and if she wants she can send the refund to my paypal account.

On 17 April 2009 she replies stating she will try to have the refund processed from the merchant.

On 15 May 2009, I write YET again as I haven't seen any refund.

On 16 May 2009, she replies stating she was busy and offer me YET AGAIN 2 months for free as it's doing so well....!!!!! I reply stating I had already refused a month earlier and to give me back my money.

On 17 May 2009 she replies stating her merchant will not allow her to process refund outside the 30 days (!?!? she extended them TWICE!!!!!!)

On 17 May 2009 I reply stating that these are not my problems as all delays were her fault and that she had until 25 May 2009 to comply and could pay the refund to my paypal account if she wished

She hasn't done so (no email or anything with proof of the refund) thus here I am.


Have a chat with the fraud department at your credit card company. They might be able to help you.


it's a matter of principle as the sum is relatively small.

To proceed here they want me to file a formal police complaint - which I am ready to do however I thought giving back what I was owed was a much simpler route.