(LeadTrade LTD) is stealing money of their clients


My name is Anna and I want to tell you about and how they stole my money.

I have an account 24128514 on (LeadTrade Ltd.) binary option broker CySEC license number 296/16.
I opened account in October 2016 with EUR 300 deposit and earned EUR 3990 since. I requested withdrawal 09.02.2017 for EUR 580 and second 17.02.2017 for EUR 300. There was no response from the broker, and when I tried to get any information they said that the financial department is processing my withdrawal request.
20.02.2017 I got an email: "We write to inform you that your account was under the Risk Department investigation. Based on a recent review of your account activity, we are hereby providing you with a written notice of the termination of The Agreement with immediate effect." My account was frozen and my funds have been reset". After five month of trading, LeadTrade LTD wrote that violated the 14 point agreement. I have screenshots and logs of all my transactions.

From 25 Oct 2016 to 17 Feb 2017 I have made more than 1,200 trades and now, when I tried to withdraw some money, these scammers canceled my account. The LeadTrade LTD ( simply steal all the money of their customers! This is "risk management" by LeadTrade LTD scammers!
Don't trust them and don't invest your money in this company. Please spread this information that they could not hurt anyone else.

I wrote an official complaint to LeadTrade. After their answer I will continue to complain to the The Financial Ombudsman of the Republic of Cyprus and CySEC.

And finally I am very disappointed with my first binary broker experience.

Company representatives' emails:
Michael Brant <>
Rebecca Mori <>
Support <>
LeadTrade LTD <>, <>


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Thank you, I submitted review, but I thought it was lost, so sent a second time. Please ignore the repeat.

Grzegorz, ask each of them to leave a review and to open a thread in Scam Alerts.