Torobase: Trading Platform for Forex and Crypto Traders

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Torobase, a leading online trading platform, has a cutting-edge platform for Forex and Crypto traders. The platform is specifically designed for algorithmic trading and offers a wide range of features and tools to help traders optimize their performance and achieve their goals.

Unlike other brokers that rely on outdated platforms like MT4, Torobase's platform is up-to-date and optimized for algorithmic trading. It offers a free Open API that can be used to automate trades and increase efficiency. The platform is also accessible from any device, allowing traders to access global exchange markets and make trades from their PC, tablet, or smartphone.

In addition to its advanced trading capabilities, Torobase also offers a variety of funding options, including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and bank transfer. Deposits and withdrawals are secure and instant, giving traders easy access to their funds at all times.

Torobase also offers high leverage and low spreads, allowing traders to maximize their profits while minimizing fees. The registration process is easy and straightforward, and traders can even test the platform out with a free demo account.

For more information about Torobase and its online trading platform, please visit the website at


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I can't find any info about regulation or even a company registration or location on the Torobase website.

Is Torobase registered as a company in any country? If so, where can people see that information?
Small correction. Some of the PDF files on the site mention Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre in SVG. That's a virtual address used by tens of thousands of companies and abused by thousands of companies. It's so bad that the people running it put up a post to divert complaints away from their office:

This leaves clients still not knowing where the company really is and totally unprotected by any form of regulation.