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Discuss Trade-24.com

General discussions of a financial company
Trade-24.com Review

Hello to all!

Thank you for forexpeacearmy.com!!!

I have been a member of trade-24.com for the last two months. Trade-24.com is my current broker and I must admit that I have not had any problems with Trade-24.com. However to be fair I have not tried to withdraw any of my investment nor have I deposited more then $200 in to my account. So far the person I have dealt with specifically has always been helpful, and have answered my questions honestly. When I had a support question in the trade-24.com website my questions were dealt with very quickly, friendly, and left me feeling valued. I am still very new to trading FOREX so there is still a lot of ground to cover. Trade-24.com is not FSA regulated which I have felt a bit nervous about. Also, on their home page you can see some quotes of FOREX pairs with a spread of 0. However in the live account the EURUSD spread is about 3 pips, and the rest of the majors range from 7 to 11 pips per pair on a mini account. I do not know if a classic account or above offer small spreads I guess I shall find out. If they are the same then perhaps miss-leading quotes are equal to false advertising. On the trade-24.com website they offer some e-books and videos which I have read and seen them all. For a beginner this information seems to be good, and has taught me a few things a beginner should know. The reason I joined trade-24.com was down to a facebook app that I had played. The FB App tested my potential as a FOREX trader, and either I was really lucky or everyone wins. I received a call from the broker and had a long and friendly chat before I decided to open an account and deposit $100 at first, and another $100 a couple weeks later. Since I am new to trade-24.com and the FPA, I will keep an open mind toward trade-24.com and keep this forum posted on my dealings with them.

· Recently came across this broker and thought to give it a shot.
Started with a micro account and up to now it’s been going very good.
Sometimes i have a look at their webinars and get some ideas of strategies I can use.
Have to say have been very happy with the services and software and gonna continue with my micro account for a couple of weeks …and get ready to go to the next level.

· My experience up to now:

Great execution rates
Very good customer service
Easy to deposit & withdrew
Better than average spreads

Leverage only 1:200
MT5 not available yet

No problems up to now…will keep uz posted if there is any change.
A friend and I have requested withdrawal from trade-24 approx 1 month ago. We have received some but not all. We are waiting for 2 payments. We have no replies to our emails and nobody answers the phone. We are very worried. We are not sure what to do next. trade-24 customer service is very bad. from our experience i could not reccommend trade-24 to invest.
UPDATE: 24 hours later and still no money from Trade-24.com. However i was able to speak with someone on the phone. They said that the withdrawal would be processed that day. The 14th. I sent them an email asking to confirm and aknowledge what was said in the phone conversation. Below is the email I sent and the reply.

Hello Jennifer can you kindly confirm via email what was said in our telephone conversation just now that Mr Baider Bin Haider's withdrawals will be processed today. I would like to forward it to Mr Bin Haider so he can stop worrying.
Regards HR/BBH

This is the reply

Dear Roger,
Your request is being processed and promptly as can.
you can reassure your client that everything is being taken care of.
once it will be done I will inform you,
Much obliged,
Customer Service

I really like the much obliged. If they were obliging in a more efficient way they would have processed our withdrawal by now. Not 1 month later.
I will be fair and keep you updated as to the progress and outcome
I am a customer of Trade-24 has been five and a half months and the truth I had no problems with them ever.
They are my first broker and began to trade with them because my friend had recommended.
They have a social trading system through which one can copy trades from other users. And so three months I did 45% on my money without having to trade by myself and not knowing trade.
In general, I am very happy and would recommend to everyone. Good Service
Hi, just an update, after much negotiations with Trade-24.com we have been paid our money. The withdrawal we requested have been honoured and we have the money back in our bank accounts. Thank you to the people who offered advice, including FPA members and administrators.
I don't know about this broker but they just called me this morning from a hidden private number. I was not sure who was calling so I answered in case it was grandpa who programmed his phone to be hidden. As I said, I don't know about this broker and have never visited their website. So when they said they are Trade24, I asked them how they got my number. The answer was :" YOU WERE INTERESTED IN ONE OF OUR ADS." What ads? I don't know them and like I said I have never ever encountered their company name until now. But I can only assume they got my number from one of the scam brokers I signed in before. Who knows what kind of business they are doing among themselves! Anyways, he said as a beginner, their EXPERIENCED Account Manager will call me on Monday so we could talk about how they can help me to make money in trading. Hah hah ha! As if it is that easy! I told him that I am at the moment doing my education on trading and I know that it is very hard and anybody who claims that trading is easy because an Account Manager will teach me how to become successful is a BIG LIE! How can one teach trading on the phone? Duh? I started learning about trading Forex since end of February and there are still a lot for me to learn! So I told the caller from TRade24 that I don't need any account manager to teach me how to trade and I am not interested in live trading yet until I am finished with my trading education and done a lot of demo trading. He said bye after he already noticed I knew what I was talking about! After this incident with them and everything else here that I read from FPA, I WILL NEVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM. NEVER!
After 8 working days, they called me to say, Deposit Declaration Form of my 2nd fund has not been signed yet and they will process my withdrawal request once received signed copy !!!